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Learning About Magic [Private/Training]

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1Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Wed Sep 16, 2015 9:15 pm

Aya was sitting in her wheelchair, at the library, reading a book. What was she reading about exactly? Well, Aya was reading up on some magics. Aya has been pretty interested in magics as if lately. Support magics stood out to her the most. While Aya couldn't fight all too well, support magics would make her feel useful at least. That was what Aya needed the most. She needed to feel like she could actually help people, and that she was the person that wouldn't need help for a change. Yeah, that would be pretty nice. First things first though, Aya would have to learn the very basics of magic. She would have to know how to write her own spells, what elements to include, but, um, actually, Aya now thought that it probably would be best for her to know all the different kinds of magics before she began to study it all as one...

Word Count: 156

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2Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:52 pm

Aya supposed that she was interested in magics having to do with things like runes or writing. Aya had photographic memory, so if she had to memorize any languages for those kinds of magics, she could probably do that much easier then the normal person. Aya closed the book she was reading and placed it in her lap. She would need to find a book on various types of magics now. As Aya was looking through the different books, she couldn't help but think of all the magics out there. Although Aya knew that she didn't even know a quarter of them, she just was thinking of so many different ones. Aya soon found a book that seemed like it would include some basic knowledge on magics, perfect for somebody who was just starting to learn about magic. Aya took the book and opened it to the table of contents. Aya nodded her head. Yeah, this looked like it would be good. Aya wheeled herself over to a table and began to read.

Word Count: 156+173=329

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3Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 2:40 pm

Aya opened the book to the first chapter.

Caster Magic: Caster magic is magic that is produced directly from their inner mana pool. This is the most common form of magic. It is also noted to be the easiest to master. Caster magics ranges from the most basic of elemental magics, to very complicated and powerful magics that can have astronomical effects. Regardless of the kind of caster magic, each kind of "ability" you wish to preform, must be in the form of a spell...

Even though the overall description of caster magic seemed pretty basic, Aya thought that it could be a good magic for her. She would have to check out what the other kinds of magics were though.

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4Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Mon Sep 21, 2015 12:45 pm

Alright, time for the next kind of magic. It was called... holder magic. Aya predicted it to be associated with anything you need to physically hold.

Holder Magic: Holder Magic is a kind of magic where you need some sort of item to act as a catalyst. You channel your magical energy through this item to create different effects. Some of these effects greatly resembles a caster magic's effects, except they're produced from or by an item. These items can be living or non-living. It is more common for the item to be non-living and something such as a weapon of sorts.

Aya didn't think that this magic would be easy for her to master, that is, if she even went for it. Aya wasn't good with weapons and such. She supposed that she could use a gun or something, but she didn't know.

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5Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:51 pm

But then again, when shooting a gun, she would need both hands on it to keep it aimed well, and that would leave her with no mobility. Unless... Aya began to think of a spell that might be able to help her out with her paralysis. I mean, there has to be at least 1 spell, right? Right? Even if the spell doesn't exist, that doesn't mean that she can't create the spell. Aya grinned. Hehe, if she could just bring down that one huge obstacle in life, then she could do it. Aya knew that she had the determination to do this, so why not try as hard as she could? Aya nodded her head. Yup! That's what she was going to do.

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6Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Fri Sep 25, 2015 3:45 am

She was going to find a way for her to walk. If not, then at least move around better. A thought came to Aya. What would happen if she were to find a way to fly? If magic came in many forms, then there had to be at least one spell for flight made. Aya grinned. If she could just find a way to fly then she would be able to semi-bypass her greatest weakness: not being able to walk or move her legs what so ever. You know, she may be able to find a healing spell that could get rid of her disease, but if that was possible, then at the hospital, they would have done so. So Aya guessed that healing wasn't a possibility. Alright then, she knew that she had to focus on mobility.

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7Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Sat Sep 26, 2015 7:16 am

Aya settled on flight. Flight seemed the easiest to achieve. She just needed to find a way to ignore the laws of physics. An anit-gravity spell maybe? Aya has heard that gravity magic may be hard t learn though. Another idea popped into her mind. What if she could make an air or wind type of spell? Aya nodded her head. Yeah, if she could manipulate the air around her at just the right speed then maybe she would be able to gain the ability of flight. Well, time to get another book! Assama closed that basic magic book and went over to return it to its spot on the bookshelf and went on over to look for a book on air magic. It wasn't that hard to find. Aya opened it and started to read it. The principals of the magic was pretty easy in her opinion. You just needed to manipulate the air and it would do as you please. Aya read up some more on techniques, and then finally, shut her book. She had all the pages memorized and was ready to do this. Aya put the book back and left the library. She went over to a nice and open field where there wasn't anybody around. She slid out of her chair and onto the ground. She sat up and imagined air circulating around herself at an extremely high speed to lift her up. She could feel air whipping around her, faster, and faster, until finally, she couldn't feel the ground beneath her. Aya looked down. She was floating about a foot off the ground. Aya grinned and tried to manipulate the air some more. She made herself fly up higher, and now, upright. It looked as if she was a normal person flying. Of course, she had no control over her legs still, but she could still move. Aya smiled so widely. She was finally doing this! Her wheelchair wasn't holding her back anymore! This was so cool! Now, she could always do this at practically any time...

Total Word Count: 1198

Name: Sukai HikĊ
Rank: D
Type: Utility
Class: Passive

  • Allows Aya to fly at 10 m/s

Description: By manipulating the wind around her, Aya has created a spell that allows her to gain flight
Cast Time: -
Cool Down: -

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8Learning About Magic [Private/Training] Empty Re: Learning About Magic [Private/Training] on Tue Oct 06, 2015 5:04 pm

This, was by far, the most amazing experience. You wouldn't understand the feeling of being confined to one space, one chair, one thing to sit in for your whole life. She has been like this since birth, and now? Now, she was flying! For the first time, she was doing something that had to do with mobility that didn't involve other people, sitting down, or wheels. This? Now this was a completely different form of mobility. It was flight. This flight would allow her to accomplish so many things that she hasn't been able to do before. Her body wasn't as limited as it used to be. She could fly at speeds fast enough to catch up with somebody who wasn't in a wheelchair, and she wouldn't even have to ask people for help anymore. She was becoming more and more independent. Oh, Aya loved magic. She didn't know what she would have done without discovering it. Try and solve her paralysis problem some other way? Even surgery couldn't help her now with it. If she just developed this disease at an older age, then maybe it would be possible, but Aya was just way too young as a baby... She wondered what her parents thought at the time. What did her mother think? At times, Aya thought that her mother had abandoned her because of that. Now though, Aya didn't know. She never even met her mother. Her father kept telling her that she loved her very much, and she wanted to believe him, but if her mother loved her so much, then why did she abandon her? Aya frowned and the winds slowly died down, letting her sit on the grassy ground.

Word Count: 1198+284=1482

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