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Class of Elites [Private | Story Plot | Training]

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Kenjiro woke up with his alarm clock ringing at the headboard of his bed. It is his third day in Starmine and the first day of his class at the military academy. He made sure to set up his alarm early so he won't be late for school. Still sleepy, Kenjiro stayed on his bed sitting for a while, simply staring on the wall in front of him. He snapped out of his blank thought with the shot of a gun, mixed with loud clashing of swords. Some soldiers are doing their morning routines again at the training ground. One shot, then it started to become a choir of bullets being fired from pistols or rifles. Clash of more blades also become a bit louder, waking Kenjiro up from his sleepy mind.

Suddenly feeling inspired because of the hardworking soldiers, Kenjiro jumped off of his bed, washed his face with some cold water at the sink just beside his bed then went out of his room to do some stretching exercises. The morning is indeed cold with the sun still barely showing its rays. He stretched his hands, still waking his sleeping blood to circulate more freely in his body. He's used to such stretching exercises for the school he used to go to back at his own town would begin the day of the class with such exercises. It does hurt on most part of his body especially when he start to stretch, nearing his limit but it's all worth it.

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After his stretching exercises, Kenjiro came back to his room and continued with his morning routines, mostly composed of his physical hygiene. Boys, even commoners such as his, still has a thing to keep themselves clean. After the morning routine, he put on his full cadet uniform, making sure that every piece is properly worn and that he looks neat in it. He views himself at the mirror, located just above the sink. Satisfied of how he looks, he left his room then walked towards the military academy which is merely a 500 meter walk from the barracks.

He entered the academy's premises with an awkward feeling of everyone fixing their gaze at him. It might be that he is new to the school or perhaps, they know that he's merely a commoner. That nightmare of discrimination, it still hunts him even inside the military base's premises. He avoided everyone's gaze and instead, navigated himself towards the school building and the room as the official who recommended him wrote on a separate note for him. He arrived at his classroom with merely five students inside. He is an hour early after all and can't expect to have the room full at that time. He chose to sit at the front row, nearest the aisle on the left wing of the classroom.

Time after time, the class is slowly being filled with students who are wearing the same cadet uniform as him, nonchalantly walking inside the room without noticing anyone inside. It seems that they are all new at the school but still he feels as if he's treated differently.

A few minutes before the start of their class, an elderly man, with a prestigious uniform came in. He must be their professor though his uniform suggests more like he's a high ranking officer who simply sat in to observe. The man went to the professor's desk though, signifying that indeed, he is the class professor at the moment. The bell finally rang, announcing the official start of class.

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Everyone in the room was silent, all looking at the professor who is at the moment still sitting at his desk, reading a book. After a few minutes of awkward silence, the professor in front stood up and looked at each of the students. He seemed like a very strict professor by the way he poses and by his fierce face that shows a very strong personality.

"Tell me! Why are you here!" The professor stood in front of Kenjiro, motioning him to stand up to answer his question. He didn't even introduce himself first or welcomed the students.

Although surprised, Kenjiro tried to hide his nervous face but instead boldly stood up and gathered up his courage to answer the professor's question. "To learn about being a soldier, be strong and in turn, protect the weak and those that are oppressed!" He spoke with full confidence, although his hands, which he hid behind him, kept on shaking in nervousness.

"Disgusting!" Ignoring Kenjiro, the professor switched his attention to another student behind him, asking the same question. Kenjiro, feeling embarrassed, slowly sat back to his seat, bowing his head in shame.

The student who the professor asked next, stood up slowly, but in an elegant and confident manner. "We are the elite of elites, chosen by prominent people from the military, recognizing our talents to someday be special soldiers of the military."

"Brilliant!" The professor applauded the student who bowed in reverence and sat back. "Indeed, you were not those foolish soldiers who now nothing but to shoot those pathetic artilleries, die on useless battles and associating themselves with other pathetic fools! I'm expecting that you were here because someone recognized that you have special abilities that the military need to complete high quality missions after you graduate and earn your ranks in the military!" The professor narrated as he walked back at the front of the classroom, starting his introduction for the students. Indeed, he is as fierce as he looks, with his strict and discriminating speech labeling him as a terror.

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And the discussion started. The first day of class did not turn out good with Kenjiro's embarrassing experience. Nevertheless, he listened carefully to the professor's introduction of the elite soldiers troupe. The professor introduced himself as Sergeant First Class Adolf Horton. He has been with the kingdom's military for over four years now and had succeeded on lots of missions the kingdom gave him. He was later put to the academy as one of the professors, due to his good training skills but still active on doing military missions.

Not only being known as the Capital of the whole kingdom due to its high economic system and highly sophisticated buildings and facilities. Aside from that, the city itself is house of the Kingdom's elite soldiers, all special battle abilities each able to take down a whole platoon of common soldiers with ease. According to Mr. Horton, the kingdom started gathering humans with special battle talents during a great war that happened ten years ago. Before that, these people were regarded as a threat to the kingdom and would often be hunted and killed but later on, seeing the great help they can contribute in defending the kingdom, a member of the Kingdom cabinet suggested on conscripting these people and train them as special forces of the military, making them later on win the great war.

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It was both a horrible and magnificent story, realizing that even in the past, some people are deemed to be simply thrown away until proven useful. That however, gave something for Kenjiro to hold on. If he would prove himself useful one day, then everyone's view of a commoner might change. Kenjiro listened as Sergeant Horton continued about the history of the Special Forces of the Starmine City's army. Names of its founders, to superb soldiers that contributed a lot in winning the Great War up to some random official names. Although Kenjiro didn't like history that much, some stories within it gave him some inspiration to continue his studies here and not only that, to aspire in being one of the best in his class.

After the history, the Sergeant proceeded with discussion of basic rules within the military premises. As expected, the rules are very strict and even extends up to the soldiers barracks. A couple of do's and don'ts, curfews, and a lot of other rules making the military camp almost similar to a prison. Next is a lecture of all the facilities within the school, the location of each important buildings as well as identification of restricted areas, then lastly the schedule they would all have henceforth. The first day of class ended like that. It was shorter than expected however, upon receiving their schedule, they realized that they we're lucky in having a day that has a short class time period. Most of the students have developed a pal of their own except Kenjiro who is left alone, walking at the hallway. They all know that he's a mere commoner unlike the rest of the class who all belong to noble families or kin to a military official.

Not having anything to do at school, Kenjiro decided to leave and ran towards his barracks. There are lots of things he can do in the city anyway so he need not bother being left alone by his fellow students. He ran a 500 meter route from the academy to his barracks then proceeded to change his clothes.

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Kenjiro wanted to take a stroll around the city to see the rest of the magnificent buildings and facilities it had but then he realized that it isn't the time for him to be complacent. He just made himself a fool earlier and he can't make the mistake of continuously making himself a subject of ridicule in the class because of his status. He washed his face at the sink beside his bed to freshen himself up then decided to walk towards the training ground which is just near his room. He entered the training ground with a white shirt on, with the Starmine City's emblem printed at the left chest part of the shirt, and a royal blue pants tucked in black military boots. He had heard the sound of the swords clashing as well as some gun shot sounds during his first day at the military premise but it is the first time that he can actually see the training ground itself and watch the soldiers train.

He was indeed mesmerized with the intensity of training, the soldiers do as well as the magnificent display of each skills that they have. One can swing his sword at lightning speed that it's almost as if his swords suddenly multiplies before him. Another protects himself in an invisible barrier as someone else assaults him with a high powered artillery. He began to have doubts whether he must continue on with his training or wait till everyone of the soldiers leave before he could start. Doing so would leave him so restless that he might not be able to pull himself during his class, the next day. He waited for sometime and continued watching all the soldiers do their strenuous training until after a few rounds of moving his eyes, he saw a spot quite hidden to the rest. It was a small secluded area, perhaps the reason why no one does take it up but for a beginner like Kenjiro, the small space is already enough.

He walked towards the weapon rack and grabbed a light sword, similar to what he used when his father taught him about fencing. Unnoticed by everyone, Kenjiro walked like a shadow that simply passed by and was concealed by the bright rays of the sun. He reached the small spot, secluded to the rest of the soldiers that trained in a wide space to allow them unleash their legendary abilities.

And he positioned himself with the right side of his body protruding, forwarding his right leg and his left leg remained behind. He raised his sword with his hand at the level of his left temple and the sword inclined with its blade pointed towards the light in a sixty eight degree position. He began his exercise by swinging his sword in a cross path manner to warm up his hand. He bent the sword to the left and made a downward cut towards his right side. He then arched the blade, raising the sword to his right then made a downward cut towards the left. Alternately, he did the exercise for a couple of times in a bout forty to fifty rounds till he finally moved his right foot and pierced his sword forward.

He made a diagonal downward cut toward his left but his time, the sword remained, with its handle at the level of his neck. He made the same move to the right and alternately for a couple of times as his feet waltz forward. He then arched the sword, making an upward diagonal slash then another downwards slash that made the sword stay aligned with the upper portion of his body. He made a couple of piercing attack then another alternating diagonal cuts quickly followed by a straight downward cut. He swing his sword horizontally towards his right, rotating the sword in almost a hundred degrees motion then made another piercing attack, all while he move forward with his feet.

He swayed his body to the left as if evading something then did a diagonal downward swing towards his right and this time, making the sword align with the bottom part of his body. He moved his sword as if drawing a circle with its blade then made another piercing attack, while taking another step forward.

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It was a nostalgic feeling, doing the very same moves that his father taught him as a basic sword routine. He did miss home but he has to find himself. He doesn't mind being a commoner but he just can't leave his life having some missing pieces to it. He loved his father and he never had anything against him. In fact, it was his father that thought him everything about staying strong in life no matter what comes. He taught him everything he knew about fighting, defending others, being good to his fellows and lots of ideals that inspired him to keep moving forward, to aim high and never give up. All those memories are valuable part of him that he would never ever give up.

He made an arching downward cut which ended with the blade on his right side, in line with his hip. He then moved to cut horizontally towards his left, swinging with his body joining the direction of the sword. He then followed up with a reverse horizontal slash, then a quick straight downward cut. Pumped up with his continuous sword routine, Kenjiro decided to put his special skills to play. He stopped for a few seconds to meditate, closing his eyes to enter a serene trance. It was but a few eye blinks when he opened his eyes once again and ignited his sword with ancient flames. The flames were not mere ordinary flames but are sacred flames from the ancient winged beast of rebirth itself. It was the Way of the Phoenix that he didn't know why he had but his father helped him hone it anyway. It allowed him to generate flames by generating some sort of special energy source from within him. During the ancient times, it was called mana, in some regions, it's chi, in some other regions, they call it chakra. Whatever it is, it was his father who helped him master its proper manipulation and effectively use it to ignite the flames of the phoenix to anything he chose. Being a fan of the sword, he decided put master the skill, side by side with learning the mastery of swordsmanship.

Flames slither through each inch of the light sword that Kenjiro holds. Surprisingly though, it doesn't show some signs of being burnt even by a bit. The flame never consumes it rather, it seemed to make it even sharper, reinforcing its blades with tongues of blazing flames. He repeated the previous routine that he made, only, the blows are now harder and the movement of his feet is faster.. Each move's interval has now gotten thinner and more fluid than before. He jumped as high as he can and rotated himself, creating a spiraling line of flames around him which covers him like a loose lasso that is about to capture its target. The flames danced swiftly as he moves his blade, giving off a spectacular performance should someone else come to watch his routine.

He remembers the very flames he had during the early stage of his training with his father to be merely a pulp that can't even cover a parcel of the sword. The flames would even go out after a few swings of his sword. It was those times when his father would laugh at him when his flames would accidentally burn his fingers and he would often get irritated then choose to stop. His father would always encourage him to continue as everyone does start in a humble beginning. One would only be great in proper training and through endless determination. As years go by, the flames got thicker and covered his sword more. There were even times when he can't conjure the flames or take a longer time before even a single spark would appear. Today, a light sword fully covered with thick blazing flames in just merely a wink of an eye is what he is able to do with the skill he mastered for years with his father.

He swung the sword freely as if the weapon itself is merely a permanent part of his body. He danced with the sword, being the light to the training ground that has now grown a bit dark due to the sun having been set a few minutes ago. Artificial lights are being opened one by one around the training ground, as one by one, the soldiers disappear from the site yet a few others stayed to thoroughly hone their skills. And he swung powerfully, as if aiming to break a hard stony wall with his every strike. Cuts, slashes, pierce, jump, turn around, he simply exercised those routines over and over without tiring. He mustn't give up or else, he would lost the chance of being the very voice of the commoners to the upper class men. There are only a handful of them left at the training area but it seems like Kenjiro isn't planning on resting at the moment. In spite of his sweat, which is heavily bathing him all over his body, he continued swinging his fiery sword while maintaining the intensity of the flames at the same time. The technique would be useless if he cannot hold the flames for as much as they are needed.

He mustn't give up, he simply can't. He needs to prove himself worthy of the recommendation of the constable that gave him the opportunity to enter the city and start building his dreams in it. He wouldn't be able to reach his goals if he does not start to move forward. That's all the key to it, time. Time is one thing that he can't just waste, at least that's what his father taught him. To savor each moment, make each second useful, to become better as who he is for every tick of the second hand. Indeed he doesn't plan on simply getting back his bed without earning the result that he longed for. Having his atrocious professor and arrogant professor showing their disgust on him, he has to give them a reason to finally recognize him. He would reach the top of the ranks, at least that's how Kenjiro imagined himself into. He must train and not let a single second pass by that he wasted the opportunity to get better and better. How long does he plan on staying? No one knows for certain. All that is clear at the moment is that this guy is really determined to cross the line to prove his strength to the special forces academy in Starmine City.

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The flame blazed stronger in his sword, similar to the burning passion that Kenjiro shows in training. It just happened that his skill is just a mere worthless crap compared to the display of feats that the other soldiers were showing but should they have felt his passion to get stronger, they wouldn't be able to help it but be amazed of him during that night of strenuous training. Kenjiro is already bathing in his own sweat due to the effort that he has exerted so far, as well as the heat of the flames that he has covered the blades of the light sword with. He bent his knees and lowered himself, pointing the blade forward which is now only a few inches above the ground. He then spun himself in a clockwise direction, reaching a third of a circle before he launched the sword upward in a violent slash, with the flames drawing a straight vertical line in front of him. He jumped then held the sword with both his hands as he swing the sword downward in a powerful cut while he quickly descend to the ground.

Holding the flames that long shows that he already has good controls over the power of the Pheonix, utilizing his inner energy where he draw the flames from. All those times when his father made him try and try although he almost gave up due to the excessive effort that he has to exert in controlling the inner energy and burst them into flames. He was able to create the flames, succeeding his failures but the next problem that he faced is being able to hold the flames that much long. During that time, it is very easy for him to lose his concentration and make the flames disappear. On top of that, conjuring the flames drained lots of his inner energy, as well as his physical stamina. Now, it seemed like merely breathing to him, being able not only to maintain the flames but also to vigorously train with it.

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He now realized that he has gone to master the flames of the phoenix, able to coat his blade with ease compared to his early days of training. But as he swing his sword, it came to him that he hasn't really perfected the way of the Phoenix yet in fact, what he mastered is merely the basic of the basics. He can only coat a sword with flames and that's it. His skill with the sword is indeed already above average however, when it comes to his special ability, he is but a mere child who just learned how to walk. It is now time for him to face the challenge of the skills that he wasn't able to do back on his training and to begin with it, he must learn to throw off the flames from his body to a certain distance. As of now, he can keep the flames on objects that he is touching himself however, to send the flames at a certain distance away from him, that's where he failed during the last training he had with his father.

Kenjiro stopped swaying his sword. This time, he should now focus on the way of the Phoenix and reincorporate the sword training again later. He put down the sword beneath him, choosing to focus on trying to shoot the flames away from him. He lifted his right hand, leveling it to his shoulders with the palm of his right hand facing forward and his fingers pointed upward. He concentrated his inner energy on his hands, making his right hand ignite. He then tried to imagine it being loosened from its grasp of him like what his father taught him. The flames do move but it doesn't look like moving away from him rather, simply in a circular motion, rapidly spinning in his hands. Droplets of sweat started to form on Kenjiro's forehead as he meditate on moving the spinning flames off his hand. After a few minutes, the flames did start to separate from his right hand. It began to form a small ball of fire, partly moving out of his hand. A few more minutes more and it finally let loose from him however, the moment the flame separated from Kenjiro, it simply disappeared.

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A year has gone now since he last tried that but until now, he can merely throw the flames away just an inch from his palm. Though during that time, he isn't that serious yet for he loves melee fights more than a ranged one however, this is not the time to be picking whatever suits him or not. He must master everything that this power can give him or he'll really be left behind. To prove himself, he can't be halfhearted in his passion to master his skills but rather, he must perfect it to the best that he got or even beyond that. Kenjiro went to position once again. He calmed himself, grasping every knowledge that his father taught him in the past. "It all begins in the mind. Create whatever you want through that brain of yours and everything would be possible."

Hope and imagination, that's how Kenjiro's father inspired him to learn in his early days. That's how he was able to create the flames as well. He conceive it in his mind, use his inner energy to power it up and his flames burst from within him like a powerful bomb that was detonated to destroy a large structure. With that, he closed his eyes. In his mind he thought of a dazzling ball of fire. He imagined it blasting right in front of him like a powerful canon ball, destroying everything on its path. He opened his eyes, again building up his inner energy in his very eyes. He breathed rhythmically, relaxing his muscles and putting focus on his energy. He held his right wrist with his left arm and as he exhale, he decided to shoot the energy that has been building up on his hand. He released the energy like a raging bullet from a magnum gun. A energy was released just as he imagined it, a blazing ball of fire escaping from his hand reaching a distance of five meters before it yet again dissipated. Kenjiro panted, having used a huge amount of his energy on that single attack and also, unable to control the energy's flow due to his excitement. It isn't still how he really planned the attack to happen however, it's a lot better than how he was able to do it before.

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The previous result of his attempt is indeed inspiring however, he can't just stop there. His skill of throwing his flames off isn't still suited for any real battle. The flames isn't as powerful yet to deal a decent damage to anyone as it merely dissipates after being launched for a few meters. With that, Kenjiro got back to his meditative position. He breathed rhythmically, again relaxing his muscles and allowing his inner energy to freely flow through him. He again tried to conceive the flaring ball in his mind, as torrid and as violent as it can be, burning and destroying everything that it touches. A flame that can indeed deal a decent amount of damage to those that he swore to destroy in able to protect the weak. The ball of flames formed in his mind, as he create the image as vividly and as detailed as he can. Again, he mustered his energy on his left hand, causing it to gather like an air filling a balloon that is ready to burst anytime. He decided to make it spin as he remembered that his father thought him that circular motion gives more power to blows. Perhaps making his energy spin like that would also mimic the power that a circular motion would do to a normal blow.

The energy spun in his hand and slowly turn into flames. It spun like a tornado of flames, violently circling in his hand, ready to burn something. He decided to let it spin for a while, increasing its rate of spinning for each second. He put all his energy on it, aiming to finally develop a ranged skill that can really burn his enemies out. He finally raised his hand in front of him, aiming to finally release the flames that he's been storing in his right hand. He finally opened his palm, releasing the flaming ball in front of him, putting all his energy in launching the skill. And so the moment of truth, from spinning in his right hand, and forward to the air like a powerful bullet launched from a magnum. The flames cut through the air like a violent canon ball, speedily making it's way a few meters away from Kenjiro. It travelled quite a long way until it finally dissipated as it did before. A twenty meter distance isn't that bad that he has just began to train a ranged application of his skill after a year of mastering his melee attacks using the flames.

It would be convenient for Kenjiro to say that twenty meters is already enough however, considering that it took him a long time before launching the skill and that most range warriors battle at distances farther than his current skill would reach, he can't just get satisfied with the meager achievement he got. Not giving himself a rest, Kenjiro tried to mimic the same steps he did before so he can make his body get used to the cycle and thus reduce the time he needs to launch the skill. He already used quite a volume of his energy but his determination doesn't mind the exhaustion that his body is already feeling. He again conceived the flaming image in his mind and at the same time let his energy move. He didn't bother closing his eyes this time for in a real battle, he can't close them anyway so he got to master launching the skill without that much delay in meditation. As of now though, he still needs to do it slowly and make his body perfect the skill before he can make haste in launching the spell for the least delay as possible. He made the flames spin the same as before at the same rate and at the same period of time, well almost. He launched the flames again, covering another 20 meters distance from him before the flames can dissipate.

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Though obviously exhausted, his physical condition can't seem to stop Kenjiro from perfecting his skill. A couple times of conceiving the fireball on his head, gathering his inner on his hand, making it spin then shooting the fireball does deal a toll on Kenjiro's physical strength. He has now reached 30 meters of distance in shooting the spell and even cut his delay for half of the time it took him to use the skill for the first time during this training. Kenjiro breathed heavily as he try to give his body a little rest before he can go on. Not to give up when time gets tough, that's what his father taught him. Even in their training, his father wouldn't let him stop even though he says that he can't go on. If he has this much endurance in training, that is thanks to his father who inspired him to strive hard in life and who actually trained his physical body to endure strenuous activities. Each morning, they would wake up and start the day with some exercise and then some unarmed combat training. Although his father is very lenient when it comes to Kenjiro's fun activities with his friends, he never lets him finish a day without stressing himself in training. It's a balance of discipline and happy bonding that both trained Kenjiro's will and also insights in life. He learned to treat other people well, to protect the weak, to take some time to enjoy the wonders of life, to endure hardships and learn from them, and a lot of values he all got from his father helped guide him in living his life.

Night has already gotten so deep and the training ground is now an empty space except for Kenjiro who is still taking his time to train even late at night. Everything is now filled with total silence, unlike the noise of several clashes, bullet shots, battlecries, and a lot more that can be heard from several soldiers training earlier. It's such as serene night, allowing Kenjiro to reminisce his past and be inspired once again by the reason he want to get strong. There are still some things that he knows, he needs to learn but until those mysteries are answered for him, he will keep on fighting what he knows is right for him. He stood, once again gathering his strength to try the skill once again. His strength hasn't fully come back to him yet but for him, he's got no more time to lose. Quickly, he conceived the blazing fireball in his head as he freely move his inner energy, circulating around his body then gathered them to his right hand. He made the energy spin in his hand as rapidly as he can. He took one deep breath then as he exhaled, he released his gathered energy who is now flaming in his right hand. To his utmost surprise, the flame that escaped his hand did not only form a fireball but rather, a large flaming creature in form of a great eagle that rapidly flew its way forward, flapping its wings. It traveled as far as forty meters away from Kenjiro with a speed of 20 meters per second then dissipated in thin air. Kenjiro had no idea of what he was doing but all he can say is that he put everything to that shot that perhaps, the Phoenix itself favored his determination and gave him the fruit of his labor. That was indeed a spectacular sight that took him a few minutes before he can return to his senses from being struck in awe. The flaming bird is such a magnificent sight indeed, that Kenjiro cannot believe it really came from him.

Again, he breathed deeply, relaxing his muscles once again to prepare for his next training. His body is obviously now worn off but he can't seem to be feeling the same way with his passion still firing him up and with the inspiration of having done a skill which he didn't expect he would be able to do. Now since he was able to shoot the flames from his body now, he decided to try whether he can form the flame from a spot away from his body. He concentrated, forming the image of a fireball, as he imagined earlier but is now being formed from a spot away from him. He opened his eyes and indeed saw the same fireball however, it is simply flaming at his right hand. Again he tried, trying to throw off some of his inner energy out of his hands. He can shoot them off now however, to make the energy stay afloat and to send it ablaze is a very complicated task. He then tried to throw it off just a few inches away from him, and try to control the movement of his energy the way he wanted it to. It was a difficult task as either the energy would continue to shoot forward, farther than where he intended it to or it shot just at the right distance but he fails to stay it afloat. It didn't take him a lot of tries this time though, that he finally was able to do what he planned. With a little energy staying afloat at least a few inches away from him, he tried to make it ablaze. Having mastered the ranged use of his energy earlier, he did make it ablaze and more, he was able to make the blazing fire spin as fast as he can as it continue to grow. Amazingly, the flame grew at a radius of 1 meter. Not yet contented, he made the flames grow thicker that the spinning flame has now almost solidified that if hit with an attack, it would now be able to protect him. The flame suddenly vanished in front of him as slowly, his vision has became blurred. As each second pass, his vision got dimmer until all went out. And that was it, it seems to have really been the end of where his body can take him. He fell to the ground, unconscious due to exhaustion yet, fulfilled of the skills he was able to master that night.

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