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[Starmine] The Blacksmith's Mystic Forge Pt. 1

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Name: The Blacksmith's Mystic Forge Pt. 1
Rank: D
Location: Starmine
Objective: Give the Qirin's Horn to the Blacksmith
Story: Mr. Kato is a well-known modern day blacksmith at Starmine. He revived the use medieval bladed weapons with his advance forging that gives legendary features to all his works. His secret in doing these are parts of mystic creatures from the forest outside of Starmine which appear at specific time of the day and specific spots which he knows. Being too old to get the materials himself, he has an assistant that helps him gather them however, his assistant went on vacation not realizing that Mr. Kato has already depleted his supply of these mythical materials.

Wanting to keep his secret, Mr. Kato would not post on the request board but rather, would approach you as you pass by his shop, noticing that you are an adventurer. He would tell you of his problem at the moment and would ask you to hunt a Qirin for him and return with it's horn. He would tell you that the Kirin appears at midnight by the lake which is hidden deep in the forest outside of Starmine.

The Qirin isn't an easy enemy as an average adventurer for it moves very fast and it's strength rivals that of an expert (Rank C) warrior. Kill the Qirin, get it's horn then hand the Qirin't horn to Mr. Kato for your reward.


Name: Mr. Kato
Description: A skilled modern day blacksmith. Client of the Quest

Name: Qirin
Descrption: A mystic creature with a horse-like body covered with tough dragon scales. It has a sharp horn that can cause deep cuts (C Ranked Damage) to it's enemies

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