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1Cherilli Academy Empty Cherilli Academy on Mon Sep 14, 2015 12:52 am

Yami Hateshiginai

Cherilli Academy 1zq58og
Home Rules Character Form Advertise

Only one team region will rise to the top in the competitive semester-end tournament...

Cherilli Academy is a place where Pokemon trainers can hone their skills through both academic work and experimental training. Students who enroll take a test to determine their starter Pokemon based on their personality. They are given a choice of three Pokemon. There are plenty of areas to look for new Pokemon to catch from all the different regions.

Students are placed into teams based on the Pokemon regions. Trainers earn points for their teams by catching Pokemon and winning battles, especially those related to their region. A tournament is held at the end of the semester based on the points collected individually and as a team. Only one trainer and one team will reign victorious at the end. Do you have what it takes to take your team to the top?

But wait... What is with the Chatot that keep appearing and flying off? Why are some students refusing to make alliances across teams? What lies behind the mysterious waterfall? Could a line btween good and evil be forming without anyone knowing it?

Friendships and rivalries are encouraged. Principal Sash tries hard to make sure everyone gets along, but there is something dark lurking in the foreground. There is a presence that no one can figure out. It seems to have something to do with the Chatot that keep appearing. Who will figure out the mystery? Beware.. Explore the secret areas if you dare.

Moderate writing ability is needed, but there is no word count, though members are encouraged to make their posts as long as they would like. We have been going strong for just over a year now. We are currently lookng for some new staff who will be dedicated to making this community even greater. Canon characters are available, and you can even create wild Pokemon to roleplay. Just watch out for possible evil...

[s]Rumor has it that Shaymin can save us.[/s]

User Hosted Event For New Members.

By messaging the code word "Dratini" to the user 'Yami Hateshiginai' you will receive 10,000 Poke Dollars and 1 Free Random Pokemon Egg (in your message include the element type you would like. Pokemon Egg will be received upon your character being approved).

Cherilli Academy

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