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14. Character Empty 4. Character on Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:33 am

Anime RP Staff
Anime RP Staff
Before you can start roleplaying in Anime RP, you must first make your very own character. You can find the character template in the Character Registration forum. We encourage creativity when creating your character as long as you meet the minimum word count requirements.

Once your character is approved, you will be ready to start roleplaying.


    As you continue to RP, your character will gradually grow more experienced, allowing your character to fight. The Ranking System is the level up system for a character, generalizing the strength of a character based on his abilities and what he is potentially capable of. The higher in ranks you go, the stronger your character is capable of becoming.

4. Character LeL36lm
The initial rank. As a person, you are considered an average person who does not have any redeeming qualities in terms of combat. However, many of the most powerful people have started off at this level, so do not get discouraged!

  • Requirement: Initially Available
  • Skill Slots: 3

4. Character Mi8sPzR
You have stepped up above the level of the average person and are now a novice. You are not powerful, but you do have some capabilities as a fighter. You could still be stronger yet.

  • Requirement: 250 Points
  • Skill Slots: 5

4. Character RO9mK2Y
You are considered an average adventurer. You are strong, but you are just about average in the eyes of most fighters. This is the rank in which most people are able to make a solid living off doing quests and going on adventures.

  • Requirement: 1,000 points
  • Skill Slots: 7

4. Character 9jHpWGK
You are considered an experienced fighter. You are a veteran who has gone through many battles and are capable of going on adventures alone. In the eyes of many fighters, you are considered to be above average and can give most fighters a run for their money.

  • Requirement: 2,500 points
  • Skill Slots: 9

4. Character 8LBYr40
You are an expert and one of the best in the universe. You are an extremely capable fighter and have lived through countless life and death situations. You have what most people call true strength, and you have developed a name for yourself.

  • Requirement: 5,000 points
  • Skill Slots: 10

4. Character O4abHEz
You are on top of the world. You are the strongest of the strong. You are a king of kings. You are in the top 1% among the 1%. You are considered a legend, and you are one of the strongest people to have ever lived.

  • Requirement: 10,000 points
  • Skill Slots: 11 (1 S-rank Skill)

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