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Weeding! [Quest: No More Weeds | Private]

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1 Weeding! [Quest: No More Weeds | Private] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 8:11 pm

It was one of Kenjiro's free days. There's no schedule of class in the military academy and he can spend his time however he want. Kenjiro decided to take a cab ride to some other parts of the city however, upon checking that he doesn't have enough money with him to spend on his travel, he decided to instead take some requests on the adventurer's quest board.

Wanting to earn more, he looked for some easy tasks that he can do for a short span of time, so he can have another task to take after. He scanned every post on the bulletin which seem to have greatly increased in number compared to its number before. He carefully read the requests and imagined how much time he would spend on such requests. He ignores those that he would imagine taking him too long to complete. After a few moments of reading and skipping from one post to another, he finally saw an old woman's request of taking some weeds from her garden. Confident that he would be able to finish the quest in no time, he grabbed the poster then ran as fast as he could towards the old woman's house

He knocked at the door of the house that was indicated on the quest map, but no one answered. He repeated it for a few times until an old woman opened the door for him. Certain that she was the client due to her resemblance with the photo at the request post, he showed the post and informed the old women that he is going remove the weeds on her garden.

Hearing about that, the old woman accepted her inside her house. The old woman is quite talkative, narrating Kenjiro her problem about the weeds and even a lot more personal stuff about her. Kenjiro knew that she's Ms. Freshe and that her husband died in an accident a few years ago so she is left alone to handle the garden that they both made.

She led her to the garden and Kenjiro was shocked of the quantity of the weeds he has to pull. He faked a smile, making the old woman believe that everything is alright so the old woman left her to do the work. He quickly started to pull the weeds one by one so he can finish early, not minding how much of it he has to pull. Backing out isn't a thing that Kenjiro would do so in spite of realizing that this quest would take him a bit of a longer time as he expected, he still went on with the quest. It did took him a bit long but not that much as he worked insanely as fast as he can. He called for the old woman. The old woman looked around, inspecting each plot for Kenjiro's quality of work. Satisfied, the old woman praised Kenjiro for a job well done. She gave her some rewards and dismissed him with a smile.

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