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Kenjiro the Clown [Quest: Clown Substitute | Private]

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It was a good day for Kenjiro, walking happily on the now joyous streets of Starmine after helping Azaria on cleaning up her house. He capered joyously, especially that now, people no longer seem to look on him with this disgust. He wears the military's casual cadet uniform, though he simply has the shirt on and not the vest. Upon reaching a narrow alley, someone suddenly emerged and pulled him in.

With his reflexes, Kenjiro twisted the attacker's arm and threw him forward. He was surprised to see a person dressed in a clown costume and can't seem to feel any violent aura on him.

"Ow... that really hurt." The man, as Kenjiro judged him based on his voice when he spoke, struggled to get up. Feeling guilty of what he just did, Kenjiro quickly ran towards the man and helped him get up. He quickly apologized upon making the man stand up with a bow and an apologetic plead.

"No it's alright boy. It's my fault anyway for suddenly pulling you out. You see..." The man introduced him self as Gozo, and told Kenjiro of a problem that is currently troubling him. He is a clown, well obviously seen on his outfit, and performs for the town circus as well as on other city's entertainment establishments as well. He told Kenjiro that he has a very important performance the coming weekend however, he needs to go out of the city because of an emergency family affair which his brother informed him. In relation to this, he needs someone to perform in his place and upon seeing Kenjiro, he thought that he's the perfect fit for it.

Kenjiro refused at first but due to the Clown's stubbornness in insisting his request, Kenjiro finally gave in. He himself is having a dilemma for his class in the military school starts tomorrow and the clown told Kenjiro that he would train him to perfect his performance. Kenjiro simply shrugged, not really knowing how he would balance his time and his energy but can't do anything about the clown's request so he accepted the request and simply planned things out.

Kenjiro woke up the next morning, preparing himself for class. He attended his first class in military school and fortunately, it didn't last that long as he expected. He hurriedly went off the camp's premises after changing his clothes and ran to the place where the clown said that he would be trained. It was like that the following days, attending his class and going to Gozo's place to train his performance.

Weekend finally came and it's time for Kenjiro's performance. He went backstage and peeked then became nervous as he saw a thick crowd of people, in the audience area. The ringmaster finally introduced him and it is but a few minutes before his performance. And the curtains started rising, as Kenjiro's heart started pounding faster as the stage lights began to welcome him along with the crowd who started to clap and applaud excitedly upon seeing him.

And he started his performance routine, carefully doing every trick according to the clown's instructions. The audience started to laugh on his funny acts, making him a little bit more confident that he's performing good. A few more minutes passed and it seems that the audience is enjoying his performance and even gotten more livelier for each act that he does. And the end of his performance came, making Kenjiro, in Gozo's clown costume, bow for his exit gesture then the curtain was pulled down.

The crowd applauded with loud cheers, making Kenjiro smile and jumped in joy for the success of his show. He came back at the barracks and rested for the night. He woke up the next morning and again did his morning routines. He passed by the alley where Gozo first met him. Again, Kenjiro was suddenly pulled towards the alley and the same exact incident happened. Kenjiro saw another guy this time however, he recognizes the voice. It was Gozo, who is not in his clown uniform. He quickly ran towards Gozo and helped him get up then sincerely apologized on him. Same as before, Gozo simply brushed it off and instead, congratulated Kenjiro for doing a great job at the circus which he knew because of feedback he heard from most people who were talking about the performance that happened the past weekend. He gave Kenjiro a token of appreciation which made Kenjiro really glad.

WC: 766

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