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Kenjiro woke up with the sound of clashing swords outside. Some people do train hard early in the morning and since his room is near the training grounds, he is prepared to hear the noise first thing in the morning, and before he sleeps. It is second day in Starmine and the first morning he would spend in a foreign land though his humble town is simply a few miles away.

He went to the sink near his bed and washed his face with called water then he went outside of his room. It's still a bit dark outside, without any hint of the sun's rays yet but the moon is already low in horizon signifying that the sun is ready to come out soon.

The class for cadets wouldn't start till the day after that so Kenjiro decided to walk out of the barracks and into the empty streets of the city. There are a few people already walking about, some bringing their goods to be sold on the market place, and some simply jogging around.

The place is a bit boring as of the moment but Kenjiro liked the early morning serenity, savoring the fresh morning breeze and the calming silence around him. After a few minutes of walking, the sun's first rays started to slither on the streets like a million snails that crawl on the smooth pavement of the city. He reached a place with a board on it and some posters pinned on it. Curious of what it is, Kenjiro came near and realized that it is a request board of people who are in need of help for something. There are only three posts at the moment, one of a clown, the other of an old lady and one of a cute girl in glasses.

Kenjiro pulled the poster of the cute girl in glasses and with it, read a request of some clean up job. Kenjiro isn't really interested on those jobs and is actually lazy in doing his household chores back at their home but seeing the beautiful lady on the poster, he quickly followed the address noted on the poster to try his luck. He easily found his way surprisingly, perhaps it's his will to really see the girl in person, and knocked on the door as the poster says. He did try to knock for a few times but none is answering. He again knocked, a bit louder this time but still no one seems to be opening the door. He tried it again for a few times until finally, a girl, same as the one on the poster's picture opened the door, obviously just woke up from her sleep as her hair is still a bit messed up and she is rubbing her eyes. Upon seeing the poster on his hand though, she suddenly screamed in joy and hugged Kenjiro.

"At last! I thought none would respond on my post! Come in quickly! Would you like something to eat?" Kenjiro stood mesmerized of the girl for a few minutes but then snapped out when the girl waved her hand in front of him. The girl again asked whether Kenjiro wants to have a breakfast but the latter refused. The girl insisted, ending up with Kenjiro taking a breakfast with the girl.

While eating, the lady introduced herself as Azaria and related Kenjiro about her problem of having to put her shop in order before the city's Sanitary Department comes again to inspect the shop. After the meal, Azaria gave Kenjiro some outfit for cleaning which Kenjiro gladly wore. At first, he was asked to arrange the potions on some rack while Azaria brooms the dusty floor. Azaria whistled a lively tune, making Kenjiro more energetic on doing his task. Next, he helped Azaria rearrange some furniture, which they had to move over and over until the lady got contented of the arrangement.

It was a bit tiring but enjoyable for Kenjiro, working while talking and laughing with Azaria. It did took them several hours though it seemed like a few minutes for both of them when they finished cleaning around. Azaria was about to put the cleaning tools back on the storage area when she heard another knock on the door. She opened it up and there goes two officers from the Sanitary Department. She recognized them before they even introduce themselves based on the uniform they are wearing. They made proper introductions and started going around the shop for inspection. Azaria nervously held Kenjiro's hand which made the teen blush but tried to not make the girl notice. The officers wrote on a paper, clipped on a board. They walked around, inspecting every corner, and every equipment there is in the shop. After a few minutes, they came back to Azaria.

Azaria gulped in nervousness and stood in front of the two officers, speechless. Finally, the officers congratulated her for passing the Sanitary Inspection and gave her a certificate that her shop is good to continue its operations. Thrilled of the news, she held both Kenjiro's hands and started jumping like someone who won the lottery. The officers then waved their goodbyes. Azaria gave Kenjiro some token of her appreciation then asked him to try passing by again if he has time. Kenjiro simply nodded and smiled then went away, still floating in Cloud Nine.

WC: 910

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