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Enter Sandman [Open: Anyone can simply barge in :p]

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He came walking in line with merchants, messengers and several other commoners trying their luck in being granted entrance on the famous Starmine Kingdom. He is 20th in line, watching as those ahead of him are being inspected by the guards and asked of their intention in entering the city. Some are granted entrance, and some are cruelly banished. He gulped as he came nearer and nearer to the city's towering gate.

It has been a life long dream of his, raised in a poor urban community to be a citizen of a grand city such as this one. It was merely a magnificent sight from his humble town since he was young, dreaming of one day, being able to set afoot here. Those days when most of his friends would simply laugh at him since entering the city is but an aim to catch the moon. For them, it is simply impossible.

Now, holding a letter of recommendation by a Constable, he has this great chance of being a citizen of the kingdom as one of the city's soldiers. And he was up, he pulled the partly crumbled letter of recommendation from a ragged sack bag as he hear the guards laugh upon gaining sight of him.

"And what business does a lowly, wretched commoner such as you brings to the kingdom?" The guard his left met him with mockery as the guard on the right inspect his bag.

Kenjiro simply smiled as he hand the piece of paper he pulled from his bag, to the guard who spoke to him.

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The palace guard accepted Kenjiro's letter with disgust, holding it between his thumb and his index finger like a lady, in aim to mock Kenjiro. The boy simply bowed and kept his calm while waiting for the guard's response for the letter. The other guard has already finished inspecting his sack bag and in the same way, held it with disgust as it looks so ragged and almost already tattered.

The guard reading the letter was surprised upon seeing the seal of a constable marked into the letter. He held the letter close to his face, carefully inspecting the seal. Unsatisfied, he showed the letter to the other guards near him, forming a circle in a serious meeting. The guards whispered to each other and talked in a few minutes before all nodded and came back to their posts.

"Based on this letter, you we're recommended by Sir Siegfried Braveheart to join the Royal Army. Not that I doubt this letter but mind you that even with this letter of recommendation, you would still have to undergo lots of training before being officially accepted into the army. Do you have the guts to endure the training kid!" The guard spoke in rudeness and mockery, obviously belittling Kenjiro's ability.

"Uhmmm well yes...I'm willing to take whatever it is to be accepted here." Kenjiro started with a stuttering speech but later spoke with boldness in the end.

"Phew! Disgusting brats! Well then come in and welcome to hell! Next!" The guard violently pushed Kenjiro inside the walls of the kingdom, almost throwing him to the ground had Kenjiro not been agile enough to hold his balance. In spite of the guard's rudeness, Kenjiro still gave him a smile and continued  inside the kingdom of his dreams.

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Bringing all his things in him, Kenjiro entered the city being allowed entrance from the gate where commoners are entertained. Discrimination, it has been a disease that society has not yet cured even with the advancement of technology. In fact, the more progressive a city is, the more sick it becomes and the fiercer it gets for the lowly commoners such as Kenjiro. He walked on the concrete pavement of the city, very far from the dusty roads back at his poverty stricken town. He walked with amazement of various technological advancements this great city has. LCD advertisements, even 3D ones can be seen at the side of towering sky scrapers and at the side of some alleys. Luxurious cars can be seen running the smooth roads of the city.

Suddenly snapping out of his amazement, Kenjiro pulled another paper out of his sack bag. It is the map of the huge city and marked at the map is where the Royal Army's barracks is located. He hurried to the area where the map is pointing him to, carefully walking on side walks and waiting for the signs to allow him in safely crossing the road. He still can't seem to get his attention on the fascinating sight of the city, the unique architecture of its building, the machines at automatically work, and several other things that he hadn't seen back at home.

It is indeed a dream come true for him, being able to enter the city of his dreams. But whatever awaits him here? Could it be a pleasant dream or would it end up as a nightmare for him?

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Lumiere, after having a very elegant lunch, was looking around for someone to talk to or something to do to pass the time that she had for now. having her normal clothes on, she would be found in the park, reading some books on Artificial intelligence and inter-dimensional space ships, studying on how to make her own ship and explore the universe. "oh... so i just need to have a inertial drive... and... i need to have the ship to have the most elegant of bodies. i hope it won't cost much. that won't happen, ships cost a ton. i just hope i get enough money to buy a ship for Wirbelwind. it must be elegant, as a lady should be very elegant, even if that lady is a artificial intelligence. um... the inertial drive should be the hardest to get, but i think... i can find one... if i look hard enough. " Lumiere would say, completely ignoring everything happening around her.

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Kenjiro capered along the sidewalk like a child given a chance to walk in a nice park for the first time, savoring the moment of freedom he has to freely move about. Seeing his old sack bag and somewhat tattered clothes, most of the people would move away from him in disgust, while some simply stare and whisper conversations, seemingly mocking him. Kenjiro knew from the start that this would happen upon his arrival on the grand city. After all, this is a city of nobles and he's merely a commoner. He has prepared himself for this but he still can't stop the throbbing in his heart as his lively attitude slowly turned melancholic and his playful walk turned into a clumsy footslog.

After a few moments of walking, he came by a fancy park, seeing some people dining at some part and some simply passing time on some bench by a beautiful fountain at the middle. However, as if time suddenly paused for him and suddenly pulled him closer, his attention was caught by a particular noble that is sitting at a dining table reading some sort of magazine. She has a long icy blue hair, quite calming in his eyes and some fancy clothes on her, well at least for Kenjiro's view who never had such clothes for himself. He wanted to come near and befriend the girl however, as he saw the others move away from him as he passes by, he can't seem to have courage to do saw. He however, seem to have been paralyzed that he simply stood there, staring at the girl.

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Lumiere, only just looking up from her book, would notice a boy that looked like someone worth talking to, even though he was staring at her which made her feel a little uncomfortable. "err... sir... you do know... it is OK to sit next to me... please don't stare at me... it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. err... just try not to make a lady feel uncomfortable.. it is not elegant at all." Lumiere would say in a shy but well mannered tone before turning a bit red from being stared at

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Enter Sandman [Open: Anyone can simply barge in :p] Latest?cb=20130522221514

Xerxes set foot in Starmine, this place was interesting but not as much as Persia, It didn't feel quite right round here, he tightened his knuckles and will see a girl and boy talking to each other he say to the girl "Hello Beautiful and you too Brownie, My name is Xerxes Achaemenid if you don't know which is obvious because I come from Persia and it is an eastern country" he said with a smile and then said "You wouldn't mind If I sit here, would you/" he said in an elegant manner.

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it didn't last that long when the girl noticed him and spoke. The girl told Kenjiro that he can sit next to her and even addressed herself as a lady. This made Kenjiro quite confused for she looks like someone of the same age as his however, he wouldn't want to get into any trouble with nobles so he just brushed the thought off his mind. He smiled and happily walked towards the table where the girl was sitting.

"A thanks for the invitation! Glad you're not like other people here. By the way my name is Kenjiro and it's such an honor meeting up with someone like you here." Kenjiro tried to speak as nobly as he could though a lot of flaws can be heard on his speech.

It's just a while though when someone else came by and interrupted their conversation. This guy is tall, well just common to people of his race perhaps that Kenjiro has to look up to see the guy. He has a golden hair and even emanates a majestic aura in him. Kenjiro stopped staring and quickly bowed, intimidated as he seems like a snobbish one, even addressing Kenjiro as a brownman. He introduced himself as Xerxes Achaemenid, noting that he came from Persia. His elegant tone is notable, making Kenjiro a bit uneasy.

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Lumiere would smile elegantly towards Kenjiro when he sat down beside her and would have a confused face as to why he was speaking so nobly. she wasn't a noble, and had no intention of becoming one anyway, because it would drag her away from Larissa and would make her really sad. once the second person appeared, calling himself Xerxes, and began talking like a noble too, it made Lumiere feel a bit overwhelmed. "oh my... err... i think you two have gotten me all wrong. i am not a noble, heck... i don't really know what i am... i have amnesia and... lost most of my memories. sorry to break it to you guys, i may even be a commoner, or even a royalty. hehe... i may look like a person in nobility but... i think i am just a commoner " Lumiere would say in a elegant tone before giving Kenjiro a pat on the back with a smile.

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"Man no need to bow to me, I don't like Sijda cause it makes me feel like I am the God and I certainly don't want to feel that" he said with a smile again and hugged Kenjiro "That's how you greet people" and then when Lumiere said she isn't a noble "Who said your like a one, You look like a small kid whatever your age may be, right, I can guess nobles the first time I saw them and speaking Elegant is my style after all I am the Prince of Persia" he said again with a smile.

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To Kenjiro's surprise, Xerxes the golden haired man casually laughed and simply hugged him like there's no gap between their status. All the while he thought nobles are people he wouldn't be able to equally deal with. He's glad that he reached Starmine, the city of his dreams, but he never thought that he would actually be able to interact with statuses that are way beyond his. He seemed nice, in contrast with how Kenjiro first judged his appearance. He suddenly felt at ease and simply smiled back at Xerxes but still unable to say anything back.

The girl spoke next, noting that she isn't a noble as well though she's actually unsure of what or who she is. A girl with amnesia, that's what he pointed out but her accent and gestures would define her as a noble one.

"Ah my apologies miss!" Kenjiro smiled and rubbed his back as he turn back his attention to the girl he met for the first time. "Though you actually look like one for me, at least for a commoner such as myself. Uhmmm by the way..." He alternately looked back and forth between Xerxes and the girl who hasn't introduced herself yet, suddenly feeling unsure who he would speak with. "...well do you guys live near here?"

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Lumiere would think about Kenjiro's question before saying her answer. "i don't really know for sure. i live with my adopted big sister, Larissa and... we always move to different places to sleep and live. so... i am always someplace different. i apologies for just... not being able to help, Kenjiro... oh, and Xerxes, I AM 20 years old. i may look like a 10 year old but i guarantee you, I AM 20 YEARS OLD!! just... don't mistake it next time, as i will get violent if you do. " Lumiere would say in a elegant but angry tone towards Xerxes and Kenjiro before sighing and calming down.

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Lumiere lived here but it seems like this is not her personal home. At least that's how Kenjiro understood it when she told them that she's been moving from one place to another with her sister. She started out in a calm tone but then later on showed small hints of anger when she emphasized her age.

Kenjiro himself was taken aback by her revelation. A person with such a small physique such as her can't be 20 years old. "Ah I'm sorry. You see...It's kind of hard to figure that out. But well you can be sure that it would never happen again." Kenjiro smiled in an aim to calm Lumiere

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Lumiere, still a bit angry, sighed before starting to calm down and try not to take offense from being seen as a kid. "it is fine. i lost my memories so i thought i was ten before... umm... i rather not say how i remembered i was 20 years old... it is kinda... personal. i live with Larissa and i am her adopted sister. i don't mind being her little sister, even though i am older, i don't get angry with her if she mistakes me for being 10 instead of 20. Kenjiro, where do you live then? i am just a bit curious. A lady can be curious yet still elegant. " Lumiere said before giggling elegantly.

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Kenjiro sighed in relief upon seeing Lumiere calm down and giggle. A sincere apology works well after all. Again she told her story of having lost her memories and being with somebody named Larissa who's family adopted her, and sometimes treat her as a younger sister. Later on, she asked where Kenjiro lived, something that he expected since he asked the same thing earlier.

"Well I'm not sure if you're aware of this town but a few miles of walk from this kingdom is the humble city of Al De Baran where I live. It's mostly a city of lowly merchants and commoners. I live with my father who is a blacksmith well rather...." He wasn't really his father but rather someone who found him as an infant and raised him as his own son. He would have told that but he isn't sure if Lumiere would care knowing such fact. "...Oh nevermind. So that's were I came from and I came here with the recommendation of Sir Siegried to enter the city's military academy."

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"Seriously, I don't believe that you are 20, umm anyways I lived in Greece for a few months just studying there, the structure of the country for some secret purposes" he said with a smile on his face and sat on he chair with his left leg on his right leg.

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Lumiere, who was reasonable angry at Xerxes, would keep her anger inside and stay focused on what Kenjiro would say before replying. "First, Xerxes, i am 20. if you need prove, just ask the police or even the global organization of trade and tariffs, they have records on me. secondly, kenjiro, i haven't visited anywhere else but here, as the global organization of trade and tariffs or GOTT keeps me from leaving and Larissa seems to just stay here with me so i don't have plans to leave until i am able to leave. i am just... held back by people and... i don't really like that one bit... " Lumiere said before sighing and then looking a bit down.

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Kenjiro can feel the tension between Lumiere and Xerxes. Looks like this age topic has gone that long the Xerxes doesn't want to give up on it. It's just good that Lumiere is keeping her cool even though obviously, Xerxes is really getting to her nerves.

Lumiere instead switched her focus on Sivraj. She noted that she isn't able to go anywhere aside from the city as of the moment because of the GOTT keeps here from leaving. Had she acquired a privilege to leave from Starmine, Sivraj thought that it would be a very low chance for her to have some knowledge of their town anyway since it's more like a commoner's abode and she doesn't seem like one that would waste their time on such towns.

"I see!" Sivraj smiled heartily though he still felt some hint of awkwardness for asking such question to Lumiere. "Where do you live here anyway? Well if you don't mind." Kenjiro asked halfheartedly since what he was asking is a private information and he's still merely a stranger to her.

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"Do I really look like I know GOTT and I have a plan?, I am gonna be an emperor, I never got out of Persia or Greece" he said his blood was boiling at the moment, no commoner had behaved with him in this manner, he had whole royal force ready to destroy anyone but he calmed down and said "So you work in the organisation you talked about?"

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Lumiere, now a little more interested in what Xerxes had to say, would try to remember if she did work for the GOTT when she had all her memories before they all went away. "hmm... i suppose i lived here... though i don't really recall any being a resident of this area, nor do i remember even being born in this place. i don't know if i worked for the GOTT but... i might have... though... i just can't remember that far at all. the only traces of my past are my name, my age and being with Larissa for parts of my life. sorry to disappoint you two but amnesia doesn't go away that quickly, unfortunately. " Lumiere said in a upset tone before sighing and going back to her book

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The tension between Lumiere and Xerxes seem to have settled down a bit now. Kenjiro can only keep silent and listen as he wouldn't want to worsen the tension that makes the conversation heavy. It's good that everything seems getting lighter now except that Lumiere seem to now have gotten into an upset mood. I is no longer about Xerxes though but rather a self disappointment which Kenjiro himself could understand.

"I'm sure you'll have all the answers in due time!" Kenjiro smiled, speaking to Lumiere as well as to himself. He went out of their town in hope to find answers for his real identity. He's hopeful that one day, he will know who his real family is but for now, he got to make himself recognized.

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