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A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private]

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1A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Fri Sep 11, 2015 8:02 am

A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Tumblr_msihlwfSPT1sgtt0zo1_500Karisa slowly walked through the woods in the shadows where no one could see her. The mist of her own hid her smell as she would then find a tree, climb it and relax as she would hid into the darkness as she wears her cloak. Leaning against the tree she would relax and listen to the nature and payed attention to her surroundings incase someone was coming. She hid for years and went away from her orphan friends for now about three years now. She wanted to search for things and wanted to see if she would find that knight that helped her out but she couldn't. Her eyes opened half way as she would feel the shadows giving her body a cold touch.

She yawned softly as she would enjoy her piece and quiet as no one would be able to see her, hear her, smell her although she would notice them...she wondered on if anyone would appear in the forest today..

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2A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 4:52 am

Yusei had decided to go look for a bit of nature today. He had only been walking through it for a short time but had already began to see and feel mist around him. He was quite puzzeld by this. Since he got to the forest it didn't rain nor was it that cold. The ground wasn't wet and the air wasn't cold, classic Characteristics of mist. Maybe it was just the forest though? Yusei knew that some had the ability to create illusions to hide a special treasure or protect its inhabitants, kind of like the one he grew up in. Yusei tried to make a few calls to see if any if the birds around. But alas none came. Granted it was dark, but if the forest made it dark the birds should be used to it. Or maybe it was just Yusei not being close enough to any.

Yusei would still walk around to see if he could hear or see any wild life. He indeed heard a few birds chirping but as he walked through the mist it seemed, familiar very familiar. He wondered if anyone else was there. The fog was getting thicker so Yusei couldn't see. "H-Hello, is anyone there?" He shouted in the mist. The mist seemed to absorb his shout, but maybe it was heard. He would wait a bit so see if it was heard.

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3A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:50 am

Her eyes could see through her own thick mist of color as it would lighten from normal colored mist to an indigo flame at every step she would take. Continuing to now walk towards the path where she heard that sounded familiar. She continued to wear her cloak of illusions and darkness as her face couldn't even be seen, nor her hair besides long strands of discolorness. As she walked more towards the person blue butterflies that glowed appeared around Karisa as she would then look forward to see someone she actually knew, Yusei. He was one of the people she spent at the orphanage with as well as Larissa. Their relationship wasn't the same as Larissa's with herself as she always felt and acted somewhat shy and confused by him...other than that it was the same to where she would harm those who hurt him, but she wouldn't let him know that.

''Yusei?'' she asked softly as she would then smile faintly as a small strand of water from her eyes ran down her cheek. She hasn't seen people she knew for three years and deep inside...she missed them all.

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4A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:56 am

Waiting for a response, Yusei thought he seen a glowing somewhere. It looked as if it was in a tree or high up. It was still hard to see through the mist though. The glow seemed familiar. Yusei was certain he would know what it was if he could see. He was feeling a little restless. He felt he knew what was happening, but it had been so long sit felt slightly alien to him. He began to turn in a fratic fashion to see if he could get a better feel for the place, however the thickness of the mist made it difficult.

He then thought he heard his name being called within the mist. The voice was soft and familiar. Wait no it couldn't, could it? "ALLIE! Allie are you there!" he shouted in the mist his eyes begining to fill with tears. He hoped she truly was here. He began to run to where he seen the glowing in tje hopes that she was there. He now knew that they must have been her butterflies that signified her appearance. He hoped he would see her again.

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5A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:53 am

Karisa started to walk closer to him as she heard him yell. He wasn't that far or at least she thought that. Her eyes closed for a second though as she would take a small short breather till she then opened her eyes to someone running right into her. She fell onto the ground as her back slammed against the cold earthly nature. ''Nnn...'' she created a small soft sound from her lips as she then opened them up again after the fall to look up to see Yusei. Within the shadows of her face that could not be see, she blushed softly as her eyes would look away. ''Y-yusei...'' she spoke softly as she could feel him on top of her cloaked body.

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6A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 7:17 am

Running closer to the glow he could see a figure in the mist. He knew it must have been her. Getting closer to her he threw his arms around her into a hug, he lost his footing though and fell on the ground still hugging Allie. She then said his name, in her soft delicate voice, confirming it was her.

"It really is you, thank god." He said as he continued to hug her. "I missed you so much..." he said getting off of her and standing up. "Where we're you?" He then asked as he would help her up by her hands, and continued to hold them.

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7A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:47 pm

Her eyes would look into his blue ones as the mist started to clear. Her face was still unseeable as she blushed from him being on top of her, hugging her close. Soon after he got off of her and offered his hand, taking it and getting up. She dusted off the dirt as she would look down and then back up at him. ''Yusei are you doing? How've you been?'' she wondered as she then noticed her hand was still being held onto making her blush once more. ''U-ummm, what are you doing in the forest?'' she spoke, curiously.

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8A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Wed Sep 16, 2015 1:37 pm

As he helped her up he felt a weird atmosphere between them, but he liked it. It was diffrent and new to Yusei. She then asked how he was and why was he in the forest. "I've been good, i cant complain." He beagn "I've missed yout like crazy though. I know everyone else has too, bit i think i have more. Kimda why i tackled your to the ground in happiness. Had to make sure it was you" he said to her smiling happily. "Oh why am i here? Oh i just like the fores. Lots of animlas and stuff ya know." He answered.

"But enough about me, how have you been, where have you been, and why are you in the forest too?" He asked her with the smile on his face and a small tear in his eye

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9A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:03 am

Her heart felt rather distant and part of her felt warm and close. Karisa felt confused on what to do and how to feel about this as she could feel his warmth from his hand(s). He explained on what he was doing here and she nodded towards it. He then wondered on what she's been doing that was where she wondered on if she should say what has happened and what was going on. Her eyes looked away and then sighed softly to where she then looked towards him. ''I'm...just wandering I guess. '' she spoke softly and tries to hide the truth. She didn't really want to explain on what happened and what was happening as of right now. ''So...did you wish to go do something?'' she wondered. ''It's kind of getting boring.'' she then chuckled softly and quietly. She wanted to try to warm up to him and open up to him...

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10A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:31 pm

Just travelling? Wandering around? That hardly seemed like an answer or a reason to be gone. Yusei should have been furious, outraged, upset, should have been... yet he wasn't. He couldn't. He just felt relieved that Allie was safe and sound.

She then asked did he wish to do something together, she said she was bored. Atleast he had a reason now. It slightly stung Yusei. She only appeared because she was bored, but still she was here. "Oh I know there is a festival bear here in the town. Wa a go with me. Just like when we were kids, except no everyone else spoiling the fun" Yusei said in a devilish tone. He was only half kidding, but he still wanted to be with her tonight, only her.

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11A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 10:54 pm

She faced away as her face that was yet to be shown to existence was hidden. She never shown what she looked like in reality as in without this cloak nor without her other looks. She wasn't sure on when it was a good time maybe someday. Karisa heard him tell her that there was some festival close on by that was going on. She never heard of this...maybe it was a nice time to go do something new. He seemed like he kinda really did want to go do something with her, like they use to as why not? ''S-sure.'' she speaks as she then looks around and then looks at him. ''Shouldn't we change to get ready for it then?'' she wondered as she then tilted her head a little, questioning.

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12A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 6:49 am

Keisa suggested they should change first. "Kk, I don't have very many festival cloths. Need to go on a shopping spree!" He said with a wink. Then leading keisa out of the forest by the hand they went into the town where the festival was ment to take place. It was still early so things were only being set up. Seeing a nice cloths shop he pointed towards it. "Shall we go there?" He asked her looking into her cloak, where her eyes should be.

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13A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:17 am

She looked at him as she was being asked if she wanted to go there. Supposedly he didn't have a kimono or anything of that sort. She sighed softly in a typical way as she would nod. ''Sure.'' she says softly and grabs onto his hand more and then goes onto their way towards the store. As they would get to whatever spot he would take her she would go inside and look around. There were so many of all colors and designs although she already has one. Honestly she could just use her ability to form one on as she then looked at Yusei. ''I already have one...I'll wait for you on this bench to get one.'' she says sweetly as she would then sit on the bench letting go of his hand and waited for him to get one.

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14A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:31 am

"Awww, come on you know I suck at picking out cloths. I need a beautiful womans approval. I don't want to make you look bad" he said sitting down beside her and grabbing her hands. "Please.." he said pouting to her. He really needed help when it came to cloths, and who better then the most beautiful one he knew.

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15A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:26 am


She chuckled darkly as she would then look up at him while still in her cloak form as she then stood up, accepting his hand. ''You're funny Yusei san.'' she speaks softly as she would then walk through the kimonos to see what she wanted to get. There were different choices as there were dark ones, light ones and so forth. Only a few would actually look nice on him as she then sighed thinking on if this was too girly for him or not. No matter what though she would like the looks of it. She hummed softly going through each thing as she then found one. It was a jet black made of fine silk with light golden sashes and lining. The designs were simple swirls of lightish blue at the bottom. She turned and gave it to him. ''This one.'' she says in a positive tone as she then wondered something...something that bothered her a little but letalone, she didn't want it to ruin her day.

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16A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 7:19 pm

Accepting his hand she said he was funny. Funny how? He thought. Anyway she agreed to go get him a kick ass kimono so it was time to head to the shops. Of course she choose the perfect shop to go buy cloths in. She lead him by the hand to get kimonos she began to hum softly. Yusei loved her voice. Come to think of it he lived everything about her. She then decided on a very nice black kimono with golden rims. She said to go try it on so he took the kimono and went into the changing rooms. "No peaking~" he said winking as he put his head out between the curtains of the dressing room. He would put on the kimono after a bit and then went out to show her. "Well what do you think?" He asked turning around on the spot.

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17A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Empty Re: A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:16 pm

Her eyes that were in the darkness of the non-visable to others were looking towards his direction. She would feel the stares towards her as if she was some mystery being that didn't belong here was they were afraid of. Honestly she didn't belong here, but that wouldn't ruin her day with Yusei. She owed him a nice day after abandoning him and Larissa. He would come out after making some joke, trying on his outfit and then appearing. Nodding she approved, ''It looks rather nice on you, Yusei san.'' she spoke softly as she then walked towards the cashier and payed for it. She didn't really care much on if she paid for it. Turning she would then walk out of the store as he would have his outfit still on, not giving him time and the night arrived as the lights came on from the streets. She could see people in their kimono's and their beautiful assets.

Part of her felt like wearing one too which looking at Yusei she felt like she should at least appear in something. Thinking to herself she approved of that own thought which she sighed to. She looked up at the sky as the flowers were falling slowly like snow, the lights shining made her light reflect around the area as she would slowly glow and form into a form.
A surprise meetup-Welcoming [Private] Afdafd11
Her hair was auburn which was cherry red in the light, her eyes were amethysts as she turned her head to look at him. ''I...I hope this is better...'' she speaks and mumbles blushing a little, playing with the tip of her hair on the right side. Part of her ship sank ages ago as what was left of her...she was try, she really was trying as if she was holding onto the edge of the cliff.  She would then look forward as she pointed forward, biting her lip a little before speaking. ''S-shall we go over there?'' she spoke and then put her hands against her side and looked down a little, thinking.

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