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A surprise meetup-Sleepover [Private:Larissa]

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1A surprise meetup-Sleepover [Private:Larissa] Empty A surprise meetup-Sleepover [Private:Larissa] on Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:23 am

A surprise meetup-Sleepover [Private:Larissa] Tumblr_msihlwfSPT1sgtt0zo1_500Karisa slowly walked through the woods in the shadows where no one could see her. The mist of her own hid her smell as she would then find a tree, climb it and relax as she would hid into the darkness as she wears her cloak. Leaning against the tree she would relax and listen to the nature and payed attention to her surroundings incase someone was coming. She hid for years and went away from her orphan friends for now about three years now. She wanted to search for things and wanted to see if she would find that knight that helped her out but she couldn't. Her eyes opened half way as she would feel the shadows.

Karisa was curious on where Larissa would be and how she was as well as her other one. She would half smile a little as she would then sink into more shadowy sleep as time would pass by the mid day.

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A surprise meetup-Sleepover [Private:Larissa] 8lJA

Larissa had a hunch she should go out today... Why not the woods near the city? Its not like she was afraid of anything popping up to attack her; she was perfectly capable of dealing with it should that happen. The walk would prove pleasant and refreshing anyways. But the moment Larissa stepped into the woods, she got a familiar feeling. She couldn't quite place it, but it was enough to drive her further into the woods: Her intuition worked in funny ways like that.

She followed that feeling and eventually she started to notice something unusual: Mist, at this time of the day, with this much sunlight. Even in the woods it felt odd, but where most people would have found this unnerving, she found it heart warming and refreshing. Why?

"It's almost as if...", she thought out loud as she wandered through the mist, looking around casually, not really sure as to what she'd find.

Curiosity would drive her forward at every turn, however...

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Karisa would sigh softly as she would then feel presence within the forest making her eyes widen a little. It wasn't the fact that there was someone here, it was upon who. Her mist could feel the body of the woman as she could feel Larissa. Soonly she would hear her speak simply which made her unconsciously roll off the tree branch and cat land on her feet with her legs sprawled, right hand on the ground. Slowly she got up and looked at was her. Slowly her lips start to quiver as simple tears start to flow down till they then disappeared. ''L....Larissa chan...'' she spoke softly but soothingly and cold. She didn't move as she was still in the shadows. Blue butterflies start to float about as she would then look down...not sure on what more to say.

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Larissa's eyes widened... She couldn't believe it, but she knew it to be true... After three years that felt like an eternity, there she was, her best friend and adoptive sister. Her absence hurt the blonde greatly, but she persevered and carried on their dream of having a family to call their own, and now she had it, and having her best friend back was the only thing left:

"ALLIE-CHAAAAN!!!!", Larissa ran and pounced her the moment she saw her, likely knocking her down to the ground and hugging her tighly with misty, teary eyes; overwhelmed with the joy of finally seeing her again, "I missed you so much!! So many things happened since you left..."

She would kiss her cheeks over and over, and for a while she probably wouldn't be able to let go of her at all... There wasn't even any harassment on the blonde's part this time, that would come later. For now, she was happy with feeling the girl's warmth, perhaps the only one who could see it as such despite the girl's normally cold demeanor...

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As she stood there she could see the happiness through Larissa's expressions as her facial, body and etc. She was then pretty much tackled and kissed on the cheek so many times making her left eye twitch. She could feel the dirt rub against her cloak. 'Great...more to clean. Oh well.' she thought as she would then look at Larissa. ''Can...I get up?'' she spoke in a simple calming way but with some sweetness. She didn't like sounding rude towards the girl as she was her best friend, one of them as well as her adoptive sister. ''I..Missed you as well.'' she spoke in a serious and rather soft tone that was then changed quickly back to calming. She really did miss her friends from the orphange as mostly the two or so people she grew up mostly when during that time. Slowly she would get up no matter what Larissa chose to do and looked at her through her shadow stare as she still didn't choose an appearance. ''What are you doing in the forest?'' she then wondered calmly...not sure how to really start the conversation.

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She would giggle at the girl's groaning and complaining about having to get clean, she was always like this and it never bothered her best friend, who was happy to just have the girl be there when she needed most. It was enough for her, and always Allie came through... She would dismount from her friend, quickly wiping the dirt off her clothes and then Allie's as well (it was still her fault she fell down), and finally look back at her with a slight uncertainty:

"I just felt like a walk for some reason... And then a familiar presence. I followed it, and here you are!", she explained happily, overjoyed even, to finally have her around, "I can't believe you're finally here! Did you find who you were looking for?"

Allie mentioned she was leaving to look for someone very important; her departure saddened Larissa, but she stood strong and waited for her, so she would be there by the time her best friend came back. And now that she was here, it felt as if her patience had been rewarded.

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Karisa wasn't sure on what to say on when she asked if she found the person she was looking for. She motioned her head down in a saddening way as if she failed her tasks as well as other things. Her head motioned back up and then wondered to herself her own questons. ''I did not...'' she spoke softly as she would then start walking away from where they met and into town as she would know that Larissa would follow. She wondered about something like if she knew how Yusei was and who else was joined upon their little group. ''Shall we talk over food and stuff? We can go to hotel or a restraunt of your choice.'' she speaks as she motioned her hoodied face towards Larissa..wondering on what she was going to choose.

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Seeing her saddened expression, Larissa couldn't help feeling sad for her best friend too... She did have a strong empathy after all. But she couldn't; she had to be the light in Allie's life. So she simple rested one arm around her shoulders, pressing herself close, their warmth mingling with each other's as they'd walk side by side like in the good old days:

"Don't worry about it, I'm sure you'll find him eventually!", she said reassuringly, brimming with complete confidence in her sister; the following suggestion had her rubbing her tummy hungrily, "That's a good idea, I'm feeling pretty hungry. My inn has really good food, let's go there!!"

Even though Allie's eyes were still hidden by her hood, Larissa looked at her as if she could look straight into that empty gaze and stare at the depths of her soul with her cheerful warmth.

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Karisa looked at her as she made a small smile. She wasn't sure on how to tell her story, just like her childhood story on what happened with her and her own family. They started to walk as she would corner her eyes to look at Larissa now and then again. She wouldn't sigh although she would make a small quiet breather escape her mouth as she would dangle her arms on her side and drag her feet upon the path towards Larissa's inn. The weather turned out nicely as the sun wasn't too hot and the wind was perfect after the mist disappeared of course. She wasn't sure on where this inn was so she would follow asuit and stay quiet as she would go with her best friend.

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Larissa was usually the happy go lucky, cheerful type, but now she even happier than usual. She hummed a melody happily, not really bothered by Allie's usual silence and just being content to just have her presence. The girl had a large appetite, even larger than Larissa's and food always seemed to warm her demeanor like nothing else:

"Here we are!", she said, arriving at the inn. There was a large restaurant that doubled as a tavern past a certain hour, but for now there weren't even that many people around, meaning they had everything set to eat in peace. Larissa led her best friend to a discreet table by the corner, still remembering the girl's love for solitude, "So, what are you in the mood for?"

She would then read the menu, her eyes trailing from it to Allie and back again, repeatedly, as she still couldn't hide a happy, impish grin whenever she looked at her. Her beloved Allie was finally back!!

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