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1 Each other's guardian Empty Each other's guardian on Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:26 pm

Some might have said the Sky flame meant Larissa was supposed to be leading their family... If by leading they meant "founding", then fine. But if they meant bossing, then no. Lumiere was the perfect example of that, she and Larissa had been like sisters for a long time, no way these two could ever have a boss/underling relationship. Even her friends were the same, in different ways, many of them were even stronger than her. She was happy just laughing and having fun with them, and if the time came, protecting them all:

"So, Lumi-chan, where would you want to go?", she asked as she walked side by side with the little girl who was actually not so little

When they first met, Lumi was the older one... But it appeared she'd forgotten her memories and thus Larissa became the older sister instead...

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2 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:51 am

Being that she had no memory of her past except for her name and her ability, alongside being Larissa's friend, Lumiere would think about something the two of them may enjoy, even though the two of them seemed to be polar opposites. "well... do you think we can go see a space ship with a AI? i want to know a few things about the structure and technology to make a Artificial intelligence. please try to act your age around others, Larissa. A lady must really be more elegant, so please try to act more towards your age then a common kid, as it would be embarrassing to have to take care of you if you get into trouble. " Lumiere would say before sighing, looking at her hands before looking at Larissa, observing her to get any sense of pervertive thoughts from her aura.

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3 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:55 pm

Larissa simply giggled and shrugged off her friend's concerned, she was always the childish, innocent type even if her perversion was anything but innocent. She said she wanted to go see a spaceship with an Artificial Intelligence... For Larissa, who had been raised in a more backwards part of the country, she didn't know of such things until very recently:

"Uhm, sure, assuming we can find one...", she answered, scratching her head uncertainly, before correcting her friend who so often called her on her immaturity, "You can never forget your inner child, Lumi-chan~!"

She would then place her arm around the girl's shoulder protectively as they walked through the streets, wondering if they'd truly find what the girl was looking for...

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4 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sat Sep 12, 2015 2:40 am

Lumiere would sigh when she heard Larissa's answer, it was like she didn't know what she was talking about. Granted, she wasn't from the high tech city Lumiere was born in and wouldn't know anything about Artificial intelligence but Lumiere would be grateful that she had someone so sweet as Larissa as a friend. "Larissa... my inner child was... hurt... by something... a long time ago... and i just... don't want people to think i am a child... when i am a adult. would you like it if you were treated as nothing more then a child when your actually 20 years old? would you, Larissa? it... just... hurts... and... and... never mind. let's just head into town and see if anyone knows anything about a Artificial intelligence. i really want to see one in a special ship. i even have a idea for making one for a ship with the most amazing shape and color. the name of the AI i want to make is wirbelwird. if i can make a AI, then maybe it could help me with getting some of my missing memories. Larissa... please help me... get the technology to make this AI. i will be in your debt forever if you do this for me. " Lumiere would say before stopping in her tracks, thinking of where she could find a place with AI making technology.

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5 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sat Sep 12, 2015 1:00 pm

The girl explained how her inner child had been hurt and how she was actually 20 years old. Of course Larissa knew this but it didn't stop the girl from stating as often as necessary, as if her adoptive sister would forget it. She hoped that by building herself an AI she could use it to help with restoring her missing memories:

"Let's go then... I hope you know where we're going cause I have no idea!", she stated calm and cheerfully, not because this was something she should be happy about, but because she hoped some of her happiness would slowly spread to Lumi-chan

This was her role as the Sky flame after all, to accept and influence all, and be influenced by them in return. She stopped when Lumiere stopped in her tracks too, looking at her hoping she'd figure something out...

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6 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sun Sep 13, 2015 2:47 am

Lumiere would smile at Larissa's comment and laugh a bit when she said she didn't know where to go. Lumiere had a very sense of direction and had a very special ability to go into computers and get some knowledge from it. "i will... just give me a second to... get the information from a computer nearby... ah, found one. know let's see where it is... ah... we have to go a little bit north and then take a left and walk 400 yards and we should be at a very technological place. i hope their is something to help me make wirbelwind. Larissa... thanks for being here... with me. your a very nice big sister... and i thank you. just... try to act a bit more elegant. A lady should really be more elegant, even if it is you, Larissa. you are quite the opposite of elegant but... i think i can accept that... if you try to act more like a sophisticate lady, OK? " Lumiere would say before laughing. she knew that Larissa wasn't that most elegant or most lady like girl around but was the best friend she could wish for.

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7 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sun Sep 13, 2015 10:20 am

Lumi would go over to a nearby computer, scanning it for information as she normally did. The girl was pretty good with machines and even though she'd lost her memories she had not forgotten how to make good use of those abilities. A single connection to a computer was all she needed to get the information she wanted, or at least a lead, and she was soon back to scolding Larissa for not being elegant:

"I don't think being Elegant is really in me, but I guess i can try.", she scratched her head excusingly again, hearing her adoptive sister pointing where they should be heading to find the place they were looking for, "Still, thank you... You're a sweet little sister too."

She would then kiss the girl's head and place her hand on her shoulder, walking on beside her as she followed the directions she found. Would she really be able to assemble an AI like she wanted to? That sounded like it would be really hard to accomplish but nothing stopped her from trying.

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8 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Mon Sep 14, 2015 6:33 am

Even if Lumiere wasn't Larissa's biological sister, it warmed Lumiere's heart that Larissa cared so much for her, even if she wasn't actually her true sister. Lumiere would smile before hugging Larissa and then starting to go ahead of her to see if she could find the building she was looking for first. "where is it... i know it is around here somewhere... Larissa, do you.... Larissa? LARISSA!! oh no.... i am lost... i got to find Larissa... otherwise i might not... get my memories back. LARISSA!!! " Lumiere would yell at the top of her voice, looking everywhere for her big sister only to get lost in a dark ally way, with no knowledge as to how to get to her location or to Larissa.

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9 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:26 am

Lumi-chan hugged her and Larissa just smiled playfully at having such an adorable young woman as both her guardian and adoptive sister. She missed Allie like crazy but Lumi had always been there to fill the hole left by the departure of her eldest adoptive sibling and best friend:

"Lumi-chan, don't stray too far!", Larissa called out, but before she could get her point across, the girl disappeared completely. She could hear her voice call out from parts unknown, and promptly shouted back, following her instincts hoping to be led right to the little girl, "LUMI-CHAN!!! LUMI-CHAN, WHERE ARE YOU?!"

She wandered further into town, constantly walking towards the source of Lumi's voice, but so far, she couldn't see where the girl was... Larissa crossed her arms and rubbed them with obvious concern; she had to find her soon...

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10 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:17 am

Lumiere, completely lost and frightened, would keep looking for Larissa, not knowing where to go, only following Larissa's voice. "Larissa!! LARISSA!!! I am here Larissa!!!! Larissa!!! LARISSA!!! " Lumiere would yell as she would run out of the ally way and look around for Larissa,not knowing where she was until noticing a strand of blonde hair and the shirt Larissa was wearing before Lumiere got lost.

Lumiere would run over to Larissa and wrap her arms around her, not loosening her grip or letting her go for any reason. "Larissa... i am sorry for running off. i thought i could... get the the place first but i couldn't and i got lost... i am so so sorry, Larissa. " Lumiere would say before starting to cry.

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11 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:58 am

She called and called... and called and called... With each shout she drew a little closer to Lumi-chan, until she finally felt the girl's arms wrapped around her waist, petting her hair softly:

"Don't go off like that Lumi-chan...", asked a concerned Larissa, giving her a tight hug and finally kissing her head, smiling warmly and trying to lighten her up with a playful quip, telling her to laugh instead of crying, "You really have no sense of orientation do you?"

Laughing at your misfortune was much better for your soul than just crying a river like she did often enough...

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12 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Thu Sep 17, 2015 10:01 am

Lumiere would chuckle when Larissa said she had no sense of orientation and would have a smile on her face before tightening her hug. "i do apologies for getting lost but i never stopped looking for you when i did. you are my sister, even if we aren't blood related so... it is only natural for me to look for you. now... let's go and find ourselves a place to get some parts for a AI and maybe... a training partner/ guardian for us. i want to make sure we are safe, so do you mind... if i get some parts for a guardian robot? " Lumiere would say before letting go off Larissa and holding her hand. Lumiere, even though she never had a sister before, would stay close to Larissa like a little sister, even though she was older actually and mentally, but not physically.

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13 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:13 pm

Her little quip managed to lighten her up somewhat so Larissa simply hugged tighter too, letting the shorter Lumi-chan rest her head on her chest, kissing her head again. The girl was alone too, and the blonde could understand that better than anyone, which brought the two closer together. She nodded affirmatively to the guardian robot idea, but Lumi-chan wouldn't be able to ask her for help:

"It's alright now, sweetie...", she pet her head before answering apologetically, "You'll have to assemble it yourself, I'm hopeless with machines..."

Lumi seemed more mature back when she still had her memories, losing them made her lot more childish, but it was alright for Larissa. The girl still had a younger body after all...

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14 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:43 am

Lumiere would chuckle and laugh when Larissa said she wouldn't be able to help her build the guardian robot. "Larissa, i can't do it alone. i am not nearly as strong as you are. i need your strength to be able to make the robot, so please... don't say your not needed, as your the most needed person i have right now. please Larissa... help me out." Lumiere would say in the most elegant of tones to Larissa, keeping a cool, calm smile on her face.

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15 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:16 am

Despite having a technologically impaired sister, Lumi-chan still insisted she would need Larissa's help to finish her project, despite her laughter, the blonde knew she spoke the truth, even if she'd only be necessary for all the heavy lifting:

"Alright, alright...", Larissa reassured her, shrugging and resignining herself, "But don't complain if it has some screws missing when we're done..."

She would then put her arm around the girl's shoulder and walk beside her to the machine parts shop, wherever that may be (hopefully she would know?)

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16 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sat Sep 19, 2015 2:15 am

Lumiere, while laughing, would have a big smile on her face when Larissa put her on her shoulders, making Lumiere feel like a little kid again, just not like she was in her childhood. "ah, thanks Larissa. i think the location we are seeking is only 30 meters that way. i love being up here, it is kinda... sweet and kinda... relaxing up here. " Lumiere said in a elegant tone as she would point northwards towards a big, tower like building, which looked familiar to Lumiere but she would not say that to Larissa, just in case it worried her.

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17 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:24 pm

Larissa looked towards her her little sister was pointing to see a large tower not too far up ahead. It was actually not really hard to miss, she had seen it before during her strolls around this city, but she didn't know it held a store for machine parts:

"That looks pretty impressive...", she commented wide eyed, looking up at the large tower. There wasn't anything nearly that tall where she came from, not by a longshot, "It's gotta have one hell of a view... Let's go check it out then!"

She would grab onto little Lumi-chan's hand and pull her towards the tower, almost running towards it now.

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18 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sun Sep 20, 2015 3:19 am

Lumiere, having being dragged by Larissa, would have a hard time keeping her balance and would, occasionally falling to her knees only to get up right away. "Larissa, slow down please.. i can barely stay on my feet. your too fast, i keep falling to my knees, please slow down. A lady like me shouldn't trip over so much, you know? it hurts my knees when i fall to them." Lumiere would tell Larissa, holding her knees with a pained look, trying to keep up with the speedy Larissa

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19 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:58 am

The blonde looked back and slowed down just enough so that Lumi would stop tripping and falling. She was pretty excited with finally taking a look at this tower from the inside, grinning and shrugging off the scolding:

"Sorry, sorry!", she said, looking at Lumi and back at her surroundings once they finally found themselves inside the tower, looking around astonished like a hillbilly in the big city, "Wow, it's even more awesome from the inside... Let's get up there!!"

She pointed upwards and proceeded to pull Lumi further in, eventually finding herself inside the elevator and pressing the button to the top floor.

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20 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:29 am

Lumiere would have little time to get her foot as Larissa would grab her hand and dashed towards a elevator and already set their destination. "Larissa... don't... decide where we go before i respond. i could get hurt by your antics some day.... please, just please, try to act your age and be elegant just once... i beg you Larissa, no... i insist you do that, as if i get hurt from what you do, it is your fault. " Lumiere would say to Larissa before pouting and looking a bit mad at Larissa

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21 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Mon Sep 21, 2015 8:28 am

She grinned with an apologetic look once they were inside the elevator; she'd then just crouch down and huggle her little sister. The girl wasn't as weak as she saw herself as, Larissa remembered that much before she lost her memories:

"What are you talking about?! You're stronger than you think, Lumi-chan~!", she spoke reassuringly, finally pulling away and kissing her forehead, looking into her eyes excusingly, "You may be used to sights like these, but for me it's a first."

The elevator was now headed to the top floor and with nobody else in there, so its not like anybody could hear their conversation. Larissa would give her another tender, comforting hug, this time pulling her head into her large chest and kissing the top of her head protectively...

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22 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:07 am

Lumiere, being kissed on the forehead twice, would blush before getting a bit flustered. "L... Larissa... i... may be older then you but... i know i am not as strong as you are. i am strong in my own rights. i am strong with technology, your strong physically, so your stronger with your fists, i am stronger with my mind. say, want some wine? don't worry, it is good wine, aged to perfection. " Lumiere would say as she would get out a whole bottle of wine and two wine glasses and would find a place to put them for the two to have a nice drink

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23 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:16 pm

Smiling was all she could do as her sister was surprisingly self aware of her own strengths and weaknesses; indeed she wasn't the physically stronger one, how could she with such a small body? She was a genious when it came to technology however. She was surprised to suddenly see the girl pull out a bottle of wine, she didn't see her carrying it around:

"Oh, that looks like really good wine, where did you get it?", asked Larissa, obviously judging the book - or in this case the bottle - by its cover.

She would lead the girl to a nearby outdoor table; they had arrived at the top of the tower and a have a lovely view over which to enjoy their classy wine and conversation.

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24 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Wed Sep 23, 2015 6:22 am

Lumiere would chuckle elegantly before pouring the wine into the glasses, then taking a sip from her own glass. "A lady has her secrets. i got it from a nice girl a week ago. she seemed to know i wasn't 10 years old, unlike my body shows, and gave me it as a gift for doing something... when i still had my memories. i wounder what i did for her to give me this wine... it taste so good. Larissa, if i somehow regain all my memories and... end up not being your sister... please try to knock some sense into me please?" Lumiere asked Larissa, staring into her eyes with complete faith in Larissa.

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25 Each other's guardian Empty Re: Each other's guardian on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:40 am

Larissa chuckled with a perverted blush on her face, thinking that bottle was obviously too big and Lumi's chest too small for her to hide it there. Even then, those were always the first thoughts that crossed her mind. She drank a good chug from her glass, not really having the same refined behavior as Lumi to properly stir and smell it before tasting it:

"Who are you kidding? Of course we'll always be sisters!", reassured the blonde, raising her glass and giving a toast, "To unbreakable bonds!!"

After knocking her glass onto Lumi's, she'd drink another good chug and likely end up finishing her glass before her sister would...

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