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Rica Geralt W.I.P

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1Rica Geralt W.I.P Empty Rica Geralt W.I.P on Thu Sep 10, 2015 9:33 am

Rica Geralt W.I.P Riven_10

Name: Rica Geralt
Birth Date: 5/2/96
Age: 19
Special Characteristic: Various scare of various sizes appear all over her body, across a range of sizes.

Personality: Rica is a quiet girl. She shows reservation in everything she does and apprehension in everything she decides to do. She's deeply concerned about what life has to offer to her, and furthermore what she has to offer to life. Rica's upbringing has left her very unsure of herself. She's inherently submissive and very willing, if not totally willing to do what she's told as long as it sounds better than what's going on in her head, though this shouldn't be confused for trust, for she rarely trusts anyone. She lives to impress, to justify her existencein some way. She yearns to fit in, yearns for acceptance and she's willing to do anything to see what that feels like.

Rica struggles with many insecurities, about her body, skill, and worth but she's no coward she's quite the opposite as her desires to prove herself to others and herself has her often the first to volunteer. She has little regard for her own safety, and flings herself at anything and everything she thinks could help her find purpose, no care in the world of the potential dangers.


  1. <#1>: Rica really enjoys slowing down to admire the world around her. Good food, drink, scenery and company all have a way of relaxing her, helping her feel "normal".
  2. <#2>:


  1. <#1>: Description
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General Appearance:

History: Rica was the second, and last child born to the late King Harrvold; a barbarian mercenary turned emperor, and his wife Anastasia; A runaway witch who bore his two children. Rica's Birth led to her mother's death, an event her elder brother, Ignacio, was always jealous of her for.

Harrvold was not the kindest father as the death of his wife left him without any measure to correct his abrasive nature, which quickly turned hostile, even on his children. He didn't know any way to teach or impart wisdom beyond lessons learned through the results of failure, and as he was preparing his children to join him on the fields of battle

RP Sample:

Face Claim: Riven-league of legends

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2Rica Geralt W.I.P Empty Re: Rica Geralt W.I.P on Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:03 pm

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3Rica Geralt W.I.P Empty Re: Rica Geralt W.I.P on Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:09 pm

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