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FOR VENDER BBY <3 [Quest/Solo]

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1FOR VENDER BBY <3 [Quest/Solo] Empty FOR VENDER BBY <3 [Quest/Solo] on Sat Sep 26, 2015 4:07 pm

Ayano Miura

Ayano Miura
Aya woke up and did that daily routine she always did. Wake Aya woke up and did that daily routine she always did. Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. It took longer then the average person. Aya hated getting up in the mornings and was very sluggish. On top of that, she had to move in that stupid wheelchair of her's. She was still working out flying, which, was making very good progress. She wasn't an expert flyer yet or anything, but there was definite improvement. She could get about 2.5 meters off the ground without the air getting out of control, so that was good.

Anyway, Aya decided to go on and take a quest today. She went on by the quest board to check out some quests, because, well, she needed some money to pay off the rent and such. She considered herself to be doing pretty well actually. The jobs she's been doing have been getting her paid pretty well in her opinion, she's been doing quite a lot of those actually. Not only that, but she was earning enough money to pay off everything. Anyway though, she really needed to work on deciding on a quest. Aya looked to the quest board and looked for a good quest that she could take. Honestly, Aya really wasn't in much mood for the higher advanced quests. Besides, she only had like, what, 2 offensive spells? Yeah, she decided that she wasn't going to be doing that kind of stuff unless she obtained more offensive spells. So lets see, which job should she take then? Aya's eyes landed on a job where somebody needed help with a ramen recipe. Apparently, somebody had stolen their ramen recipe and they want it back. Aya smirked. This ought to be fun.

Aya took the quest right off the quest board and made her way over to Vender's ramen shop. She introduced herself as Aya and said that she was going to be helping him get his ramen back. He seemed so happy that somebody was going to be getting his ramen recipe back for him. He instructed Aya on where to go, who Ichiru was, and all that stuff. He told her what to do, and if Ichiru didn't comply, just inspect his ramen shop anyway. Aya nodded her head and went off to do what she was told to do. She went over to Ichiru's ramen shop (which, really wasn't that far away) and entered it. Ichiru was an oldish man, kind of plump. He looked more like a ramen man then Vender though. Aya asked Ichiru about Vender's recipe. He said that he didn't have it. So, Aya decided to look around. She waited until Ichiru went on his lunch break. Once that happened, Aya looked around his shop. Her eyes fell across a piece of paper that had the word "SECRET" in all caps, stamped in red, on the front. It appeared to be a ramen recipe. Aya took the ramen recipe and took it back to Vender. She was rewarded.

Word Count: 514/500

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