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Le Voleur [Quest/Solo]

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1Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] Empty Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 9:36 pm

Ayano Miura

Ayano Miura
Aya woke up. It was a brand new day, filled with new possibilities. Aya did her daily morning routine, which took quite a while, compared to others, but it seemed just normal to her. Aya decided to not go out to eat, and just pop some waffles in the toaster today. Aya grabbed some blueberry waffles out of the freezer and put two of them in the toaster. While she waited for them to pop, she grabbed the syrup, butter, a knife, fork, and a plate to set up. She set them up on the small table, fit for about four people. She soon heard a "popping" noise. It really wasn't like "popping," but it was the best word she could associate the noise with. She grabbed her plate and put the waffles on it. She smeared butter onto it and drizzled some maple syrup onto it. She cut it up, and began to eat it. Aya thought about what she wanted to do that day. She supposed that she could take on a quest. Those were always fun. However, Aya didn't just want to take some little quest like helping clean up or organize a store or anything like that. She wanted to actually do some fighting stuff. Now, how would she do this? She couldn't exactly physically fight. One word. Magic. Aya was so happy. She's finally learned how to use magic. It was air magic, not quite letter or rune magic like she wanted, but so far, it was a step forwards in her magic mastery, and that was good enough for her. Aya would soon know a whole bunch of spells that she would be able to use, and hopefully surpass the people that didn't have her disability. Aya knew that she most likely couldn't do it through physical means, but magically, she would be much stronger then others.


2Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] Empty Re: Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 10:29 pm

Ayano Miura

Ayano Miura
Aya put down her fork and held up her hand. She created a ball of air, and started to swirl it around in the palm of her hand. Aya smiled. She had good control over it already. She could almost do it right on demand or right at will. Aya wondered how well she would be able to use this new found power in combat. She suspected that it would be much harder then simply creating a gentle breeze or a ball of air in the palm of her hand. However, Aya would make sure that either way, one way or another, she would get a higher leveled quest done. Aya finished up her breakfast, and placed her dishes in the sink. She would do the dishes later. Right now, she was eager to get going and complete her first, slightly harder, D-Ranked quest. Aya grabbed her key, and rolled herself out the door. She shut the door behind her, and locked it. She slid her keys into the pocket of her skirt, and she was off. Aya rolled around town, looking for the quest board. She knew exactly where it was. In fact, she knew exactly what it looked like, from every little dent to scratch in it. That was from her photographic memory. She would notice when anything was different. She would know which were new quests and which ones were old ones. She would even remember how many days they have been placed up there from when she had last seen it. Soon enough, Aya had arrived at the quest board. She took a look at the quests. Some seemed really easy, while some seemed much, much harder. Of course, there were plenty in between, which was what Aya wanted, but slightly more on the easy side. Aya's eyes landed on a quest that looked fairly easy. A police officer wanted some help tracking down and capturing a thief. Seemed easy enough, so, Aya took it.

Word Count: 313+329=642/750

3Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] Empty Re: Le Voleur [Quest/Solo] on Wed Sep 23, 2015 9:16 am

Ayano Miura

Ayano Miura
Aya met up with Officer Jenny, who seemed to at first question her abilities, but Aya kept telling her that she was fully capable of taking down the thief, so, since Officer Jenny decided that she had nothing to loose, she would allow Aya to do it. Alright, now, it was time to catch that thief. Officer Jenny has told her places where the thief would commonly rob. So, Aya went towards the place where the thief would normally hang out, when suddenly, she heard the sound of glass shattering. She looked, and saw a black haired guy with a knife, holding a sack of money. Aya started wheeling quickly over to him. He turned his head, probably wondering what the sound was, and saw Aya coming straight towards him. He stopped in his tracks and raised an eyebrow. "Um..." he said, scratching the back of his head. Aya breathed in, and out, and suddenly, the thief was hit with a strong blast of air, and was knocked down, unconscious. Aya crossed her arms and looked down at him. She then grinned. People really seemed to underestimate her, didn't they. Aya picked him up by the shirt collar and dragged him as best as she could, towards Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny seemed surprised that she took him down all on her own and managed to bring him back, but she did it, and she was rewarded.

Word Count: 642+236=878/750


Name: Breath of Wind
Rank: E
Type: Offensive
Class: Balanced

Strength - E-Rank (bruising and small cuts)
Speed - 10 m/s
Range - 20 meters
Size - 1m x 1m

Description: Aya breathes out and increases the size, speed, and strength of the wind that she blew out, sending it straight to her target, dealing damage.
Cast Time: Instant
Cool Down: 2 posts

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