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Water and Earth [Quest: Battle of the Mystics Pt. 2 | Private]

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Kenjiro enjoyed discussing what he thought about the game with Luke. At the back of his mind, he wanted to try the game out again for it was such a magnificent feeling for him, who had played such caliber of game for the first time. Back at his humble abode, he could only play with sticks, stones and whatever nature could provide for him and his friends to play with. They did enjoy that, doing physical games with his pals but all kids of his age during that time all longed for the fancy gadgets where they could play those cool electronic games.

He wished Luke would let him try it more but as they walk towards the end of the hall where the lobby would be next and having received his reward, it's more likely goodbye to the virtual fighting game. Before they could reach the end of the hall though, one of Luke's staff approached Luke and talked to him about something which Kenjiro prevented himself to listen to. Since Luke hasn't officially dismissed him yet, Kenjiro stayed there, only walking back a few meters away from Luke. The discussion as over in less than five minutes and it's when Luke came back to him. To his surprise, Luke wanted him to get back to the VR room and test the game some more. He tried to hide his excitement and simply smiled at Luke, nodding in agreement to him. They walked back towards the room as Luke explained to him about having three new characters that have been finished with their developments.

Like before, Kenjiro entered the room and put on the Head Mounted Display. He no longer had difficulty in navigating through the menus now for he has already tried that before. And the game ran, forming an oceanic environment. He found himself in what seems like a submerged temple. He is indeed underwater but because it's merely Virtual Reality, he is of course able to breathe. The water a few meters in front of him formed a whirlpool. The whirlpool subsided in merely a few seconds and showed a water fairy.

This time, there was a countdown, allowing for Kenjiro to prepare himself. And then the fight began. The water fairy shot bullets of water vacuums towards Kenjiro which he was able to evade. Again, Kenjiro still has no weapon but confident with himself, he ran towards the water fairy as he jump, slide and skip side ward to evade the continuous shot of the water fairy's water balls.

Finally, he got close to the water fairy, attacking him with basic punch and kicks. The water fairy stood helpless against her attacks, unable have some time to conjure her water spell. In just a few minutes, the battle was concluded with Kenjiro being the winner.

The scene switched, with the animation still the same as earlier when he first tried the game. He was still in an oceanic environment only, he is in a large circular arena composed of malachite stones which stands at the center of a huge body of water. Some of the water slithered to the arena then to a few feet in front of him, finally forming a beautiful siren, who holds a trident. The siren quickly slithered towards Kenjiro, aiming to pierce him with her long trident.

Having fast reflexes, Kenjiro was able to grab the siren's Trident but unlike the skeleton soldier, this female warrior's grab of her weapon is though the it isn't that easy to simply get it with his old twist and turn trick. Kenjiro jumped back to evade the Siren's slash. She is strong, almost as strong as the Minotaur but still weaker. Kenjiro evaded another piercing attack and decided to give the Siren a strong kick. It did hurt the Siren a lot, revealing that she isn't as tough as she is strong. Kenjiro was about to follow up with another kick but he has to pull back and evade from the Siren's attack. He was again successful in grabbing the spear then jumped to do a butterfly kick, successfully hurting the siren's arm which made her let go of the trident. It only took her a single pierce by Kenjiro to dissipate and make Kenjiro the victor.

The world entered into another shift of environment. Very far from the two stages, this stage is a complete barren wasteland. There's nothing but lifeless rocky mountains around, and a hard dry land below. His opponent appeared, falling from the sky. It was almost as huge as the minotaur. It has several natural spikes behind it and holds a mace like weapon with a boulder in replacement of the metal ball. After the three second countdown, the creature dashed towards him, swinging the huge boulder in the air. In spite of having a heavy load, it moved fast, almost rivaling the movement of the Siren before. Kenjiro evaded the falling boulder which the creature sent towards him. It hit the ground and to his surprise, it created a crater, even twice the boulder's size. A hit or two from the enemy might mean a game over for him. He arched his way around the enemy and tried to attack it with the trident but it was too quick and was able to hit the trident with the boulder. Hadn't Kenjiro held it tight enough, it would've flown away from his hands. Kenjiro jumped back, evading another attack. This enemy is both fast and strong. The reach of it's weapon is also farther than Kenjiro's reach. Seeing a huge boulder nearby, Kenjiro decided to run towards it and hide. To his surprise, the enemy simply shattered the huge boulder. Kenjiro risked it, trying to pierce the enemy while it's weapon is swinging away but the enemy was able to hold the trident to prevent it from hitting. Kenjiro quickly twisted the trident to prevent the enemy from getting it from him and jumped back to evade that boulder mace that is now being swung back towards him. He again made a couple of distance from the enemy.

He now panted, almost out of strategies, though he didn't even bother to have one in the beginning. He now stood, waiting for the enemy to come close. And again it went close with simply a few strides and swung it's weapon down towards Kenjiro. With the handle's tip of the Trident, Kenjiro accurately hit the boulder at the side, putting it of it's original track then swung the Trident quickly hitting the enemy's head with the flat side of the Trident's blade. Quickly, he hit the enemy's tummy with the blunt edge of the Trident and then its forehead again with the Trident's flat edge. Dizzy of the attack, the enemy fell to the ground giving Kenjiro a chance to pierce its chest with the Trident. It was a victory again for him and he exited the game like before.

He went outside to meet up with Luke again to discuss with the characters and to earn his reward.

WC: 1208

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