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Smoke Weed Every Day (QUEST)

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1Smoke Weed Every Day (QUEST) Empty Smoke Weed Every Day (QUEST) on Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:19 am


Mura had taken a quest from Ms. Freshe, a client with a garden that she needs help to weed her garden. It did not seem worthy for rich people like Mura, but he was not like those arrogant types, so he accepted it immediately. He took his totem with him, just like always. He had worn a black suit with orange outline and his necklace dangling around his neck. He also wore a pair of orange headphones, just because he liked to listen to music and radio. He was heading over for Ms. Freshe’s household, preparing to help her pull out all her weed, as prescribed in the quest.

He showed up at her household as she waited for him outside. “Oh, hello young boy!” she greeted him gladly, “You must be the helper. Come on, follow me.” Mura nodded and followed her to the garden, which was even larger than he had expected. “Wow… is this your garden? It’s so giant…” he said surprised to see its wide area. There was plants in long lines across the garden, which contained different crops and fruits on tall trees spread on the garden. It was indeed very fascinating. But as he looked at the wonderful garden, he spotted that he should pull out all the weed. It seemed like an impossibility as large as this garden would be, but he headed for the start and began to pull out the weed, one by one. “Just pull out the weed carefully, they’ve just came out, boy.” She advised him as she looked over at him pulling out the weeds. "It's not the kind of weed to smoke, right?" he asked her in a jokeful way, but she didn't seem to understand it.

It was really harsh. There was so many weeds to pull out and it was very exhausting. “Hah… how much weed do you harvest, ma’am?” he asked her out of curiosity. He kept in mind that it would be a lot. “Every month, I harvest up to 5 tons of crops from this garden.” she answered with a smile. He was astonished, how could she harvest so much? Was it that easy for her? He kept asking himself as he pulled out the weed. He began to wipe the sweat off his forehead once in a while. He kept wiping off the sweat, as his scar suddenly was exposed on his back. He’d opened his shirt to cool off a while ago and the elder lady spotted his scar. “What is that? A scar?” she asked him as she looked closely. Mura didn’t notice that it was exposed, so he looked back. “Ehm, that’s just… a scar.” He felt goosebumps all over his body as he remembered how he got it, “It’s nothing.” He continued pulling off the weed and he was actually about to be done, he had reached a lot of the garden and he might finish soon.

As he finally pulled the last weed out, he fell on the ground, totally exhausted. “Puh… that was harsh, but I’m done…” he said calmly as the elder lady approached him. “It seems so. Very much thanks to you, young boy.” She said and smiled at him, as she handed him a pocket. “Here’s your reward.” She said as he took it.

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