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Let's Go VR! (Quest: Battle of the Mystics Pt. 1 | Private)

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It was a bright sunny morning. Weekends make Kenjiro very excited as he can yet again venture into the city and discover other areas on it as well. He would most of the time enter shops, and see what products they have to offer, test out food that he never had tasted before, walk on some amusement parks and simply walk along the sidewalk and fascinate himself with lots of highly sophisticated buildings in the city.

On his way, he passed by the Adventurers' Request Board and noticed that it had more posts in it than when he last took one. Curious of the new requests, Kenjiro approached the board and read each one of the posts. He had no intention of getting one for he simply approached due to his curiosity. They very simple quests that he could have done by approaching the people who needs his help.

As he browse through the posts, one particular quest did trigger his interest. It came from a young businessman who is actually a game developer. Hearing about those cool arcade games in this city, Kenjiro and his friends always had longed to try them out only, poor as they are, they had no means to ever try one nor get to a city who has one.

Although not in his plan to get one, he took the post from the request board and ran towards the spot, indicated on the request. It was a couple of meters walk from the request board, being at the very heart of the city. He imagined it as a tall building with cool streamers and advertisements in it however, following the direction of the post, he simply found what looked like a very simple apartment not that small though but very far from the building he conceived in his mind.

He double checked the direction on the post however, as much as he try to figure it out, it only leads him to the same building. He was about to knock when somebody opened the door. It was a man, in his early twenties wearing a pair of glasses.

He has light brown hair and a light white skin tone. Upon noticing the poster in his hand, the man quickly greeted him and invited him in the building. Kenjiro went inside, following the man who is obviously the client for he resembles the client picture on the request post. To Kenjiro's surprise, the inside of the building is very far from it's simple outside view. Lots of cool gadgets can be seen inside the buildings. He can see robotic maids roaming around, cleaning the place and even robotic animals simply walking on the hallways.

The man introduced himself as look and narrated that he is into a battle simulation game. The game is like the usual fighting games only, it is set in a virtual reality environment, making the gamer experience the fight in live action and the opponents are inspired by mythical creatures of the past.

Kenjiro introduced himself back and expressed his interest in taking on the quest. With that, Luke smiled and clasped his hands in delight. Luke asked Kenjiro to wait in a black sofa as they setup the Virtual Game's testing environment. With that, Luke left as Kenjiro sat on the sofa, looking around, fascinated with the advanced equipment inside the apartment building. After a short time of waiting, Luke got back and invited Kenjiro to follow him. Kenjiro stood up and walked after Luke, leading him to a wide hallway and on one of the rooms at the middle of the hallway. It is small room, painted in white with some virtual reality gears on it. A Head Mounted Display, hanging at the ceiling of the room, and optical cameras installed around the room that would capture every movement of the player. Luke explained that they set up the cubicle like that at the moment for testing but later on would develop a VR suit that would capture the movement of the player once the game is finished.

Luke had Kenjiro wear the Head Mounted Display (HMD) and left the room to start the game for him. Upon wearing the HMD Kenjiro saw the splash screen display of the game for a few minutes. It did not take him so long when the game's main menu appeared. Luke instructed him on how to start the game, as Kenjiro clicked the floating buttons he saw inside the Virtual Environment and the whole environment changed into what looked like an old cemetery.

His opponent then appeared in form of a skeletal warrior. Kenjiro knew how to fight but realizing he had no weapons in him, he somewhat entered into a light state of panic as the skeletal warrior with a sword and a shield charged towards him. He quickly evaded the enemy's swinging sword, walking backwards as the enemy continuously charged at him. Regaining his concentration, Kenjiro clasped his hands, catching the blade of the sword and kicked the skeleton warrior who guarded itself with its shield. Kenjiro twisted the sword's blade, making the skeleton warrior unwield the sword, transferring the ownership to Kenjiro. Now finally unarmed, Kenjiro charged towards the enemy who simply guarded itself with its shield. After a few strikes, Kenjiro's attack finally went through by a piercing attack which hit the skeletal warrior right through its chest and disappeared.

Along with the skeletal warrior, the whole environment shattered back into a white blank cubicle with a floating button, asking Kenjiro if he wants to continue the game. Kenjiro clicked the button with Luke's instruction to do so and an ancient site which resembles the inside ruins of a pyramid. The sword in Kenjiro's hand did not disappear, making him a bit more confident now, entering into an aggressive stance as he wait for his next enemy to come forth. In front of him, a sarcophagus opened up and a creature filled with bandages emerged. Quickly, it summoned three creatures similar to it, only smaller and charged towards Kenjiro. Now having a weapon in his hand, Kenjiro charged towards the left most mummy, able to quickly defeat it with one swing. He evaded the kick of another small mummy, then swung his sword, quickly defeating the next one. The third mummy attacked him, which he blocked using his left hand and pierced the mummy straight through its chest.

With all its minions defeated, the main enemy charged towards Kenjiro. Far from the smaller mummies' movements, this one seemed to move way too slow. Bored, Kenjiro charged to attack the enemy. He swing his sword towards the enemy however, at his surprise, the Mummy simply deflected the sword by waving its hand. Kenjiro decided to skip back, realizing that it isn't that easy to simply hit the mummy even though it's unarmed. Some of the mummy's bandages suddenly let lose, aiming to bind Kenjiro but he simply cut the bandages of. Kenjiro maneuvered himself, attacking the enemy on random spots however, none of his attacks were able to get through. Finally however, with his agility, he was able to finally cut through on of the enemy's leg, making it lose its balance. Kenjiro did not waste his time and continuously attacked the enemy during its time of disability. After a few hard strikes with his sword, the mummy finally disappeared along with the ancient ruins and again, the world returned back to the white cubicle with another continue button for him.

The next environment looked almost the same like the previous environment, only this time, Kenjiro is standing in an arena like platform with a deep cliff at the edge of the platform which might mean a game over should he fall on the cliff. At the other end of the platform, a hole suddenly opened and from it, a huge bull headed enemy emerged. It holds two axes and stands twice the height of Kenjiro. Seeing the creature's sight, Kenjiro can only gulp in nervousness as the enemy charge towards him with the ground quaking with its every step. Kenjiro tried to defend the attacks with his sword but being pushed back with the enemy's force, he decided to evade the next attack.

Still with no plan on his head, Kenjiro simply ran around the arena as the large enemy chase after him. Finally, being tired, Kenjiro stood at the edge of the platform as he wait for the Minotaur to attack him. He keenly observe each of the Minotaur's movement making sure none of its move escape him. Finally, as the Minotaur came near him and swing one of its axe, Kenjiro evaded and tripped the Minotaur and cut off one of its leg. He then arched his way at the back of the Minotaur and with his full strength, he made a flying kick at the Minotaur's back, pushing him towards the cliff edge, making him fall in the dark pit.

The environment again disappeared and Luke instructed Kenjiro to finally leave the game. Luke discussed with Kenjiro for a few minutes, asking for his suggestions. Kenjiro gave an over all satisfaction of the game with just a few suggestions like better battle transitions and a good victory greeting at the end of each match especially after beating the stage boss. Luke took note of his suggestions and gave him his reward for helping with the game's test.

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