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5. Skills

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15. Skills Empty 5. Skills on Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:03 am

Anime RP Staff
Anime RP Staff
In Anime RP, you use skills to fight. Skills are essentially everything in a fight. Utilizing specific skills at the right time can turn you into a deadly fighter.

To create a skill, you will need to register it in the Skill Registration forum using the skill template provided below.

Skill Template:

[b]Cast Time:[/b]
[b]Cool Down:[/b]

Name: The name is your skill.
Rank: The rank of your skill. This will also determine how powerful your skill is.
Type: What kind of skill is it? There are offensive, defensive and supportive skills.
Class: What class is your skill? This will determine your skill's strengths and weaknesses.
Effect: What are your skills parameters (strength, size, speed, distance).
Description: Describe your skill. What does it do, how does it work?
Cast Time: How long does it take to cast the spell itself?
Cooldown: How many posts does it take before you can use the skill again?

Each character begins with two E-rank starting skills.

There are some important things to note before creating a skill:

  • DO NOT copy somebody else's skill. That is plagiarism.
  • DO NOT make copies of the same skill. Even identical skills will be considered copies. It is lame and shows no creativity.
  • DO NOT have skills that enable godmoding or metagaming.
  • DO be creative with your skills. There are countless possibilities you are able to do with your spells.

Theoretically speaking, each rank of skills is twice as powerful as its previous rank. The ranks of skills range from E, all the way to S.

  • E: The lowest level of skills. These include skills that are not considered anything special. There are no special redeeming features of them and are commonly used amongst beginners. Damage done is minimal and includes bruising and minor cuts.
  • D: D-rank skills are the next level of skills, and are more common. They have more use than their weaker counterpart. The damage they are capable of causing is slightly more severe, being able to produce cuts and having the power of crack bones.
  • C: The average level of skills. Many people are capable of using them and these level of skills are considered to be normal. Their damage potential is capable of causing serious damage. Skills of these levels have the potential to cut to the bone, and possibly break the bone.
  • B: Considered high level skills, these skills are powerful and deadly. There aren't too many people who are capable of accessing this level of spells, but the ones that are able to can cut an entire limb off or even shatter a bone.
  • A: Top tier skills are placed in this category. They are lethal and can cause death in the right situations. Although fortuntately not many people are capable of using these level of skills. However, encountering one can lead to lethal damage.
  • S: The most powerful skills belong in this category. They are so powerful, death is almost guaranteed. Their damage potential is catastrophic and only the top 1% of people are able to even achieve such a level of skill.

Characteristics: The characteristics of skills can help determine the level it belongs to. Although this is generally only when it comes to average, normal skills. There are some skills that have exceptions though.


  • Strength: Up to bruising and small cuts.
  • Speed: 10 meters per second
  • Size: 2 meters
  • Range: 20 meters


  • Strength: Up to the cracking of bones or a large cut.
  • Speed: 20 meters per second
  • Size: 4 meters
  • Range: 40 meters


  • Strength: Up to cutting into the bone or breaking the bone.
  • Speed: 30 meters per second
  • Size: 6 meters
  • Range: 60 meters


  • Strength: Up to cutting a limb off or shattering bones.
  • Speed: 40 meters per second
  • Size: 8 meters
  • Range: 80 meters


  • Strength: Up to Lethal/Fatal Damage
  • Speed: 50 meters per second
  • Size: 10 meters
  • Range: 100 meters


  • Strength: Death
  • Speed: 100 meters per second
  • Size: 25 meters
  • Range: 250 meters

The class of your skill determines its strengths and weaknesses. The class of the skill is determines its style, and can ultimately determine the style of your character. For offensive spells, there are six types of classes:

Balanced: The default class. There are no special strengths or weaknesses of the spell. (NOTE: E-rank and defensive skills MUST be balanced.)

Power: The strong class, made to deal more damage. Power skills are twice as strong, but are half as fast as regular skills.

Speed: The fast class, made to move quicker and to hit faster. Speed skills are twice as fast, but are half as strong.

Large: Large skills affect a larger area. They are twice as big, but are also half as strong and have half the range.

Ranged: Ranged skills enable characters to snipe. They are able to go twice the distance, but are half as strong and can be half as big.

Passive: Passive skills are constantly active. However, all of their characteristics are half as strong (NOTE: E-rank skills cannot be passive).

Defensive skills are a way of blocking attacks and preventing harm that would otherwise come to you. Defensive skills allow the user to block a single instance of an attack that is up to twice as strong as its rank normally allows. There is only one class for defensive spells, balanced. That is because defensive skills are single instance skills that are single use, they cannot have any strengths and weaknesses.

Supportive skills come in a few different classes, but generally allow one to do things one isn't allowed to do using offensive and defensive skills. There are three forms of supportive skills

Buffs are physical enhancements that can temporarily boost a character. By how much is dependent on the rank of the skill, with higher ranks obviously allowing for bigger boosts. NOTE: Buffs are additive

  • E: +50%
  • D: +75%
  • C: +100%
  • B: +125%
  • A: +150%
  • S: +200%

Debuffs are detrimental enchantments that affect an opponent in negative ways depending on the rank of the skill. NOTE: Debuffs are multiplicative.

  • E: -10%
  • D: -20%
  • C: -30%
  • B: -40%
  • A: -50%
  • S: -60%

Utility skills are the most versatile set of skills available. They include everything that is not an offensive, defensive, buffing, or debuffing skill.

Cast Time:
While most skills do not have a cast time, it is possible to set up one. Skills with cast time are much more powerful than normal. With every posts a skill is required to charge, its damage will increase by one rank.

Cool Down: Skills have a certain amount of time before they can be used again, noted in their cool down. The amount of time is dependent on the rank of the skill.

  • E: 2 posts
  • D: 4 posts
  • C: 6 posts
  • B: 8 posts
  • A: 10 posts
  • S: 15 posts

Once your skill is ready and is approved for training, you must train a skill before you can use it in combat. In order to train a spell, you must meet the word count requirement depending on the rank of the spell.

  • E: 1,000 words
  • D: 2,000 words
  • C: 3,000 words
  • B: 4,000 words
  • A: 5,000 words
  • S: 10,000 words

Once you have met the word count requirement, you will have successfully learned the skill and you will be able to use it for combat.

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