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1Titles Empty Titles on Sat Sep 12, 2015 9:43 pm

Although this is a free rp, i believe it is still great to have the RPers reach some goals.

One of the things that I thought are titles since the setting is in a kingdom.

somewhat like being enlisted as a page then promotion to be a squire, then a knight and so forth, based on battle experience.

or owning certain properties and granted noble titles from tenant-in-chief, gentry, armiger and so forth,

or simply some other castle workers such as cup bearer, jester, herald, etc upon reaching a certain qualificationet

or outside the castle, merchants, bards, etc.

well all titles are based on certain qualifications, may it be experience, completing a series of quests, owning some properties, being rich to an extent, gaining a certain rank, etc.

Don't know if this would be liked but uhmmm..simply suggesting :p

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2Titles Empty Re: Titles on Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:12 am

Anime RP Staff
Anime RP Staff
Unfortunately there will be no titles. The setting of Anime RP is not in a kingdom. However, the only available location is a Kingdom at this point in time.

Keep in mind that this is not set in medieval times. This is rather set in a relatively modern age.

There is simply no reason for the RP to have titles set by the RP itself. The RP itself is member driven, including the universe itself.

Members are able to create their own town, country, and guild that is run how they want it. How that is achieved will be later explained.

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3Titles Empty Re: Titles on Sun Sep 13, 2015 12:44 pm

a'right hehe sorry for misunderstanding the kingdom thing.

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