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Xerxes Darius Cyrus Achaemenid [DONE]

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1Xerxes Darius Cyrus Achaemenid [DONE] Empty Xerxes Darius Cyrus Achaemenid [DONE] on Fri Sep 11, 2015 10:41 pm

Xerxes Darius Cyrus Achaemenid [DONE] ZVcc9wf

Name: Alexander Darius Cyrus Achaemenid "Xerxes"
Birth Date: 9 May, Y95  
Age: 20
Special Characteristic: He had numerous scars on his body because his great battles. He also had radium powered tattoos on his chest which are there from birth. Fire Guardian (If Larissa agrees)

Personality: Xerxes unlike his name is a pretty good man he is cheerful and good with people and tries to remain good with everyone he knows though people who want to get their well deserved-fate get their well deserved fate cause Lucifer alike his name is Brutal in combat after all he was named after a Persian King who had decided to destroy Greece and see it burn, Xerxes though he is born to a Kings family and family he has characteristics like Kings he's an Archer from birth and is very good at it he practiced Archery with his father since childhood and is starting to master it in few days.

He's also versatile with any type of weapon coming with Swords, Tridents, Maces, Knives, Blades, Kunai, Shruikens and Knives which are in boots. He is but perverted and likes Girls too much and it means too much while he won't do things like that in public, Yes he is a pervert.


  1. Girls: Really I need to explain this, anyways He is a pervert and likes girls maybe he doesn't grab their busts cause it will be a insult to his royal family.
  2. Battle: Yes he likes Battle too much, he is named after a King and wants to surpass what the king has done, he tried to destroy Greece and that's what he want to do he wants to see Athens Burn.


  1. Bitter Things: They taste real bad, man, They are bloody Tasteless and bitter,they taste bad.
  2. Ugly People: They look so bad, Ugly and disgusting, They glare at me and I get freaked up.


  1. Snakes: After seeing those crawl on his body, while he was not breathing and when they got down from him, he had a bad fear of them now.
  2. Death: It's probably the thing everybody fears, death, it's just despicable, wandering into total darkness, this is Xerxes's worst fear.


  1. Surpassing his Oppressor: It was his father who tried to destroy Greece completely, while he was unsuccessful, but Xerxes wants to be successful and wants to see it burn in front of his right eye.
  2. Bringing his empire to glory: While he is not the king, he wants his empire to get to glory and wants it to be given it's rightful place in the world.

Height: 6'2
Weight: 69 KG
General Appearance:  Xerxes is a tall and dignified young man with golden hair standing up like a blazing flame. He is described as handsome with an elegant face, and his eyes, crimson like blood, are visibly not those of a human and give off a mysterious radiance that makes people wither. He has a "perfect, Golden-proportioned body" described as emanating majesty that makes flames surrounding him afraid to come close, and his very soul glows golden. He normally wears golden armor that makes a heavy first impression on those he encounters. He wears jewelry on his body quite a few times to support his unreasonably good looks and all his muscles.

History: Xerxes was born to the royal family of Persia to King Darius I and queen Atossa. He was born into the Royal Family, The Achaemenids, The rulers of Persia. While his father was preparing for a war against Greece. He had a remarkable childhood, He was a pretty good tactician, while he was at the age of 6 he used to be trained in battle with sword, tridents and other weapons such as a mace, which he wasn't able to lift till the age of 13.

When he was 11, he set out to hunt and saw a deer and ran after him, he shot arrows, but the deer darted all around, then he passed from the front of a seer, when Xerxes reached there he asked "Have you seen any deer?", the seer could see the red shot eyes of Xerxes, he felt pity for the animal, he knew that if he didn't tell, he can be hanged to death but if he did, The deer may dinner for the night, so after thinking for a while, he said 'My eye have seen the dear, but they cannot speak, My tongue can speak but it has not seen the deer' that influenced Xerxes greatly and he returned without hunting after the deer, Xerxes was a changed child now.

And one day it all changed, Xerxes was 15 then, he set out with his father to an invasion for Greece and attacked it, they destroyed and captured some parts of Greece and set camp on the 5th day. The Unexpected happened, The Greeks attacked the camp and what happened was a General shot an arrow towards his father when he was looking at Xerxes and as he ran towards his father he shouted "Noooo!!!!!" and when Darius turned the arrow hit his chest and he fell on Xerxes, not dead but defeated, Xerxes said "Father!!!!!" and looked with his burning as coal at the person who shot him, he vowed that day that he will avenge the death of his father one day.That's why he hates Greece.

RP Sample:
(FTRP) Alek wrote:The sunshine shone in through the window to Alexander's  room.The early morning hours were not something that he enjoyed. As the rays of the sun traveled to his eyes,He rubbed his eyes, and woke up today was a wrestling championship in Vernus and he was going to participate it was the finals, he reached the finals, because it was a non-magical fight, he got up and traveled to the bathroom ,brushed his teeth and bathed, he wore his Leather Jacket, Jeans, and searched for his Glass, he kept searching.....searching and searching "Where the hell is it?",that was when he noticed his glasses on his head, he was wearing them, he was so stupid, "Man..." and started his search for socks, he found them in his drawer, and then he wore his shoe, and set out for an cafe, it was a rainy day, but he was wearing the right stuff, and didn't get out and he had breakfast on the cafe nearby, then when he reached his destination, he found out that..........,The competition was closed, "Damn man" he said, and set out for his room in Vernus. It sucked, the competition was canceled.

Face Claim: Gilgamesh- Fate

FTRP Profile

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General Appearance needs to be 100 words. Don't know why the YouTube link is there, so could you replace it with your ftrp profile link please.

Bump when done

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Xerxes Darius Cyrus Achaemenid [DONE] Yuseia10

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