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13. The Aniverse Empty 3. The Aniverse on Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:38 pm

Anime RP Staff
Anime RP Staff
The Anime RP Universe, or Aniverse, for short, is the setting of Anime RP. It is where everything occurs. There are currently 5 known realms in the Aniverse:

The Central Realm

    The Central Realm is literally the center of the Aniverse. It is the main portion of it and takes up a majority of the Aniverse. It is home to the greatest city in the world, and is the most populated realm.

The Northern Realm

    The Northern Realm is the realm that most closely resembles Europe. With European architecture and culture, it has established a rich history and tradition. It's climate is chilly and moderate.

The Southern Realm

    Home to the most interesting climate in the world, the weather ranges from tropical to arctic. The Southern Realm is one of the most least populated realms, but has the largest amount of land. Although whether or not the land is capable of being lived in or not is up to the capabilities of the person.

The Western Realm

    A populated realm with some of the most modern technologies the Aniverse has to offer. The Western Realms are the equivalent to the modern day Americas. The realm has a lot of wealth disparity, but the people who are well off are richer than most of the population of the Aniverse. Go to the right areas, and find yourself in the nicest areas in the world. Go to the wrong areas, find yourself in the middle of a gang war.

The Eastern Realm

    The realm is most resembles Asia. It is home to rich traditions is much more divided up into smaller pieces of land. It is a realm with lots of water in it, and they make great use of the water. They are masters of all things sea, nor to mention their warriors can be quite fierce.

As Anime RP continues to grow, more realms will be added.

It is worth noting that each realm is a planet approximately the size of the Earth.

The economy of the Aniverse is an extremely simple one. There are gold, silver, and bronze coins. 100 bronze coins equal 1 silver coin, and 100 silver coin equals 1 gold coin.

This does not affect you, the roleplayer directly, but is good to know.

Inside each of the realms are countries. Each country has their own government and their own way of running things. It is possible to create your own country in the Aniverse.

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