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Karisa 'Allie' Kiri Ari

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1 Karisa 'Allie' Kiri Ari on Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:38 pm

Name: Karisa 'Allie' Kiri Ari [Last name unknown]
Birth Date: Oct. 31st Y97
Age: 17
Special Characteristic:


  • Mango Chango: She uses her ability to change her appearance (Gives no special abilities nor can it be used in combat) once per topic. It was an ability since she was born with.

  •    Beauty Mark: When she's around usually a glowing butterfly to butterflies would be flying around somewhere or around her. Nature seems to be more alive with her around. (Once again, doesn't affect anything, just appearance wise.)

  • Flame of Mist (Fiamma di Nebbia)
    Color: Indigo
    Characteristic: Costruzione (構築, kouchiku lit. Construction)
    Japanese Translation: Kiri (霧)
    Ability: Creation and Illusions

    Description: The Construction special trait of the Mist Flame makes it optimal to be used along Illusions, specially during the creation of Real Illusions. They are described as having a low hardness and, consequentially, it has a weak offensive power. They cannot be used for combat without appropriate skills.
    Appearance: The most opaque among the Seven Flames of the Sky, Mist Flames' coloring is pale white around its core and gradually turns into a dark indigo at the Flame's edges.


Allie is a well enriched misunderstood woman, but who isn't misunderstanding? She has multi-personalities although the main ones are Allie, Ari and Kiri and Karisa.


Being and feeling Queen Bee she likes to feel dominate towards beings that she feels should be in the lower class. She doesn't care of peoples words as she doesn't take anyone seriously unless they're family but due to her family disappearing from the accident years ago she no longer cares. Karisa laughs and cheers towards a kill or a dominate beat up as she enjoys watching and feeling pain herself. In her moments she is calm and cold towards people like a cold dark queen. Rarely does she get shy or act happy (other than towards pain and people's stupidity) besides when it had to do with her big sister.

In the last level of her system she has some care towards those that step to the level of respect. She respects power and riches as well as those who can stand on their two feet in case of needing to lean on someone.

   Allie: Although it is really her name she uses her names to separate the parts of her that are different from the rest. She is loving, caring and cherishes all. She can be shy deep within but has a temper of a volcano when tempered with. She isn't much for competition as when things get distasteful her personalty changes into mainly 'Kiri'.

   Ari: She is a shy girl although deep inside she is possessive and would harm those who threaten to take those who she loves. She tends to not like sharing although she won't show unless it is while being cute like tugging on shirts and grabbing ones arm, holding it. She's pretty much a child with issues of what they say in japanese, yandere.

   Kiri: She's rather pervertish but cold as she can act hateful towards people and things and even creatures. (Although she loves animals) She's mainly a dominatrix in which she would prefer to see you bending down on your knees, begging and kissing her feet than you telling her out in which she would then let another personality take place that would fit the job or just use her abilities towards you.


  1. <Stormy weather>: She loves the rain, lightening and cold weather as it excites her wanting to dance within it. Allie loves watching it as well as it soothes her soul and just makes her want to hum a simple melody and even play her violin or piano.

  2. <Music>: She enjoys music and therefore she is amazingly gifted with singing and playing music. Playing in all weathers she likes but in the rain and storms as well as snow she loves the most. Music calms her down and so when music is involved she will be in good terms.


  1. <Mocking>:     She hates and dislikes those people who enjoy mocking others as it is a way of being rude and a bully. She doesn't like being copied nor having someone out there that's just like her, making her feel unspecial.

  2. <Lies>:      She understands the lies of white small lies unless it has an affect later on, pissing her off. She dislikes when someone lies to her about something meaningful, losing her warmness towards the person.


  1. <Not finding any meaning>: She fears of not finding a meaning to live which will cause her to not even want to exist later in life and someday not want specific people to live as well.
  2. <No love>: Deep within her she cares about finding love although she fears that she wont find anyone that will accept truly her.


  1. <Living life>: Living life to the fullest her one of her motivations to keep going. Her family are out and about so she goes on on her own to do and maybe find things they will never.
  2. <Keeping in contact>: She motivates herself upon others as she feels the must to keep in contact with her friend(s). She is rather possessive in that case as she must know what is going on with her friend(s) as much as possible, otherwise she will end up being paranoid.

Height: 173.736cm
Weight: 13.0714 Stones
General Appearance:  Allie wears random outfits preferable beautiful ones with flowers and colors that mix well upon kimonos. She enjoys an outfit for every occasion as she always must feel prepared and when she's not she just uses her mage powers to fix that right up. She rarely wears jewelry but when she does, she tends to wear earrings the most out of all of them. Sandals and boots are her main two shoes that she wears daily if she wears any. She enjoys changing herself which means she uses her birth ability to change her form and appearance and therefore her hair and eyes as well as body type.


Being born within an unknown family she was mainly born within an orphanage.Although that much is true she lived through things she feels she isn't the same. She loved her parents as they were beautiful people with lavishing jewels of an appearance and richful clothes. She was named Allie although she wasn't so sure on the other names that her parents called her. She was confused, young and didn't understand on why her parents called her different names sometimes in a confused fashion. Her siblings loved her very much as well as they all played with each other as Allie was the happiest in the group with her friend Larissa. Larrisa was her best friend in the world with some others as they never separated till one day...

''Allie! C'mon! Stop hiding.'' her little sister of four would speak in a cute gibberish way as Allie would hide in a tree. ''You better not be using your magic for cheating!!!'' she yelled in an irritated cute fashion, pouting. Allie chuckled as she would then watch her walk away from where she was. She was the only one out of the bunch who was born as a mage and therefore...she was able to cheat. Sneaking behind her little sister she would spoke her which she then squeaked. ''Nya!'' her little sister spoke and turned. ''Nee-chan...'' she says with a sad facial expression. ''I'm sorry.~'' she spoke and giggled as she hugged her sister. Allie grabbed her hand and led her home as it was time for dinner as it was getting late and dark.

As they all sat on the table the lights flashed out and broke upon the mansion as her father became worried, bringing out his sword. ''Go hide girls, Allie..protect your sisters and brothers.'' he said to her as she did so. As she got half way to the stairs she would black out.

Waking up she would see nothing, but hear things move around and then a scream that sounded like a little girls. Not able to talk she then muffled her speech till the clothe then moved from her mouth as well as the blindfold. Her eyes widened as she saw blood splatter in the room. The walls were made out of old creaky wood as well as the floor with old looking random strips of carpet in a single line in each row there was laying a dead body or an alive one all bondage up.

She saw something that looked familiar which made her eyes widen more. They were heirlooms from her family on the side of an old desk. Her eyes were watery as the man then chuckled. ''No worries, you were the only one that didn't escape...They left you behind...besides your parents. They indeed died with a fight.'' he spoke with a smirk as he started to clean his blade with a dirty blood stain cloth. Her heart started to beat as she was only about six years old. She was afraid to speak as her eyes looked at the dead little children beside her till she was then randomly picked up by the hair to meet this guy face-to-face. He cocked his head to the side with a wide grin placing the blade by her neck. ''Now what to do with you, what shall be your fate?'' he spoke in a rather hasting voice.  Once again she didn't wish to speak and after that moment history began as she changed.

-To be Continued-

A couple months later she started to run far as she heard wolves chasing her through the woods. Running in rags she would then trip upon a branch which tears fled from her eyes. Picking herself back up the wolves call was no longer heard as she then blacked out again.

Hearing simple voices she freaked out into an embrace of a man in armor who looked lightful. ''W-who are...'' she was about to ask as she fainted, blackened out once more.

Waking up she was now in an orphanage no longer in bloody rag cloths and stayed away from people. She felt unknown to what to do and all she had was some small things like a violin to play which people always knew to leave it alone. Escaping on what she did, she was happy to at least have that as music was her love till something else appeared one other day.

Kids started to appear by the door as she then too was curious on what was going on and to see then that it was her friend...Larissa. Larissa noticed her and spoke to her first not knowing what each other has been through, Allie was different of course from what she was before but she wouldn't tell Larissa the story of what she's been through just

A couple years later as Allie turned eleven, Larissa and Allie made a group She would someday find that knight and thank him if she ever found him. Still as she's currently seventeen she traveled with Larissa still, hiding her appearance from the she will someday return to her beloved friend Larissa.

RP Sample:

The smell and sight of Forge's environment generally wasn't something so comforting to Chloë, as the fumes of pollution from various factories in the cities had a tendency to cause irritation in her sensitive nose, but this time it was a comfortable change from the pungent presence of cigarette smoke and alcohol that invaded her senses during her work at the little bar that she'd started working at. Of course, such a place wasn't her first choice of employment, especially if she wasn't actually receiving real compensation for her work, but she'd made a promise to repair the bar and work there until she'd repaid the bartender for the damages caused from a bar fight and her interference. Hands free, she clutched at the apron that she'd been wearing over her coat to protect it from the occasional liquids that splashed from dropped bottles and glasses, then slipped it off and placed it within her satchel.

Eyes still agitated from the aggravating conditions, she blinked somewhat vaguely at the city, feeling grateful that the bartender had allowed her to keep her hood on while she worked, as she didn't like the idea of being observed by such strange characters. She took in a few deep breaths and began to wander away from the shady alleyway, moving about so that she could keep to the sides of the buildings and keep the sun off of her coat so that she didn't overheat. A loud noise disturbed her from her comforting walk, and her eyes trailed away from their original placement to note a man who'd apparently hit a pole at a fast speed, and was now poking at a suit of armor on a bench.

Concerned when she heard about how hot the temperature the suit of armor was, she gently neared the vicinity, not wanting to be noted by the two particular characters, but willing to assist if someone was inside that armor, and they needed assistance. She couldn't tell, however, as the suit of armor was so still, and it had allowed the man to poke and nudge it; thinking it was impolite, Chloë wondered if she should ask the newcomer to stop poking, but she knew too little to make a valid assumption. For now, she allowed herself to approach close enough so that she could see the details on the armor and the other man's face a little better, but she remained silent just in case intruding would also seem rude.

Startled by another noise, the hybrid looked away from the two to see a bush moving. A man soon crawled out from under the bush, as he'd apparently fallen asleep under it, and the young girl could feel her stomach lurch as she feared that the man was another drunk that could have possibly visited the bar during her night shift. She didn't move away, but allowed her hand to firmly grasp her satchel as she started to consider vacating the area to prevent having to associate with a potential drunk. Opening her mouth, she mumbled a little out of surprise, though it was nearly a faint whisper, and she began to pull her hood down further over her face to comfort herself.

Face Claim: original- google

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