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1Yusei (Done) Empty Yusei (Done) on Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:43 am

Yusei (Done) Latest?cb=20130712073754

Name: Yusei
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 7th of July, Y98
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:

Nature's Blessing
: After living with animals  for so long Yusei can understand the animals and even communicate with them. This can only be done with some animals and cannot be used in battle at all. Yusei managed to gain this ability from living with all the animals from the first he grew up in. Yusei is especially good with calls of birds and even body language so other animals are more comfortable around him. He even can intimidate other animals to leave him alone. Yusei especially like to communicate with animals even more so then people as he feel he can understand what they think. Yusei began to know he had this power when he was 7 years old and hunting with his friend,  Apelion the beast he first met in the forest. As they hunted Yusei was about to be attacked by a snake from behind but he was warned by Apelion and managed to react. To this day Yusei swears that it happened by Apelion talking to him to warn him.

Flame of Storm (Fiamma Tempesta)
Color: Red
Characteristic: Disintegrazione (分解, bunkai lit. Disintegration)
Japanese Translation: Arashi (嵐)
Ability: Disintegration

Description: Highly offensive Flames, its Disintegration special trait can induce anything that touches the Flames into decaying and breaking apart. They cannot be used for combat without appropriate skills.
Appearance: Their core is of an ordinary red, an inner layer of a very pale, somewhat pink-like shade of red-white and outer edges of deep crimson.

NOTE: This will not be used for battle purposes. It is only the description of the flame. If I do intend to use it in battle, I will register it as a skill.  

Personality: Yusei is a usually a friendly person who is pleasant to be around. He is shy some times, but can just as easily get angry with people if they begin to annoy him. He generally goes out of his way to help people and can almost always be seen with  a smile on his face. He never tries to get under any ones skin but usually does. He doesn't have the best social skills as he grew up in a forest for a lot of his life. Although After he met his new friends in the orphanage his social skills became a lot better and now knows more about social skills and how to act in a social situations like most people. As a result in growing up literally around nature Yusei loves animals and is probably more comfortable around them then humans. He likes to even talk to animals which some fond weird but Videns doesn't care and just wants to have fun like everyone else.

Likes: Food: Although Yusei only eats when he is hungry, he still enjoys any and all food stuffing his face with as much as he can. Growing up food was very scarce but he made do with what he had. After being sent to an orphanage food became more plentiful.

Friends/being friendly: Growing up, Yusei was taught that there is strength in numbers and to always try to help others and in turn he will be helped if needs be. so following this rule, Yusei often tries to be friendly towards people, trying not to be rude,  unless the people are being total douche bags. Them after meeting two special people Videns realised the importance of friendship.

Water: As a child Yusei has always loved the water. Ryko often has more fun in the water and it is where he is more comfortable and relaxed

Dislikes: Mean/Rude people: As stated before Yusei was always told to be nice towards people and in return they would be nice back. Which is why rude and or mean people frustrate him.

The cold: As Yusei was growing up he never liked the cold. He found it annoying. When ever he wanted to go outside to play he would nearly always have to wear a jacket because it was cold. Although he does not like it Yusei admires those who can wield it as magic.
Distractions: While doing any job Yusei will always try his best. Although any thing he sees as a distraction will interrupte him and he finds this very annoying.
Motivation: Family: Family is very important to Yusei. As a young warrior in training he knows that he must fund them above all else. This motivates him to help not just his family but others as best he can.

Controlling his feelings: Knowing full well of his Flame's power, Yusei wishes to full be able to control his feelings. He knows that if he snaps that he could destroy anything, even those he loves. He contact ly tries to irate himself or get others to so he may try to control his feelings.

Fears: Losing his temper: Yusei is extremely afraid of loosing his temper as he knows because of the power of his flame he could very well kill those he loves and other things. He could easily loose his temper if he is stuck or in a difficult place.

Loosing those he cares for: After being brought to an orphanage when he was ten, Yusei came to know and care for many people there who had similar, yet diffrent types of flames as him. With their help they allow him to control his feelings better and be an all around better person. Loosing them terrifies him as they are like his family and he knows that without them he would be lost in the world.

Height: 186cm.
Weight: 12 stone/76kg
General Appearance: Yusei Is of average height and weightfor most people his age. He has navy like hair just like most of his ansestors before him. He is still young looking and and prefers not to have any facial hair. Yusei is also fairly skinny, but has a hard body capable of taking and giving hits. He likes to keep his hair short and have a small fringe. His hair and eyes are a deep blue colour. This being said Yusei eyes still sparkle if in the path of light. Some describe his eyes as darkish jewels or like looking into the abyss, either way it makes them sound pretty.

History: Born at home into a loving family Yusei was raised well by his parents. He was raised by them in a small town. After 5 years growing up in that house Yusei was just begining yo get home schooled and learned the basics of life and how to defend himself. This lovely dream life was about to be cut short as bandits destroyed his town. Yusei tried to help but his parents drove him away to protect him. His parents died that day in the hopes of protecting him.

Yusei was driven into the near by forest where he would be safe from the bandits. Yusei knew he would be safe from the bandits there because the forest was like a maze that once you entered you could never leave, and as such Videns was forbade to enter. This was a life or death situation so Yusei had no choice.

Not long after entering the forest Yusei was being followed by the beasts that resided in it. Trying to hunt and get food was alien to Yusei and he almost died. It wasn't until a ferocious beast approached him. The best looked like a lion cub with its mane set a blaze. He was nuzzling Videns trying to comfort him. Smiling at the best Yusei gave him the last of the food he had managed to scavenge. The best ate the food with glee.

Fearing it was the end Yusei petted the beast closed his eyes and prepared to die. He soon blacked out. After a while Yusei woke up and was now in a diffeent place he was before. Now he was surrounded by water and loads of food. Feeling a small vibration and purr beside him he seen the beast that he had given food to happily sleeping beside him.

For the next 5 years Yusei scavenged food and hunted animals with that same beast he had met the day he entered the forest. Here he learned how to fend for himself using makeshift weapons and setting traps. Yusei was happy, but this of course would not last. When he was 10 humans began to rampage though the forest destroying it and it's animals whom Yusei had befriended. This time Yusei  would Protect them. Yusei diverted the humans to name it look like they had hurt him.

The humans had to stop what they were doing saving the forest and it's inhabitants. Yusei had to leave and enter an orphanage leaving all his friends behind. There he met a few people he would friended, who seemed familiar for some reason.

Now present day Yusei is 17 and travelling with the few people he friended.

Ftrp rp sample:
RP Sample: Videns awoke from his sleep the same way he always did, by rolling of the air mattress and falling onto the ground. At this point it became a routine for the young water mage. It woke him up a little so he could get up faster and get ready. Picking himself up from the ground of his apartment Videns dusted himself off before heading over to the kitchen area. Videns scratched his head as he began pondering which cereal he should have. Go safew with bran, or have a treat with cookie crunch.... eventually Videns gave I to his child like temptations and took the box containing the cookie cereal. Getting a bowl Videns poured the contents of the box inside of it before adding milk. He then got a spoon from the drawer and began shoving the breakfeast down his mouth as he made his way over to his bed. Sitting down on the air mattress Videns noticed how dusty his apartment was. After training he would need to come back and clean it. The particles of dust began floating around the room as he sat down on the air mattress.  The day was bright and sunny which illuminated the apartment making the dust visible. He would need to air the place out while he went on his morning run. Videns then drank the remaining milk in his bowl before dressing in his usual blue t-shirt and white shorts. Training cloths, nice and light. Walking back over to the kitchen Videns placed the bowl in the sink and ran the tap. With a quick flick of the wrist the water would clean the bowl throughly and leave it dry. Videns then made his way out of the he apartment and began his jog. He wondered what he would see along the way

Fc: Ike, Fire Emblem

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2Yusei (Done) Empty Re: Yusei (Done) on Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:33 pm

Birthday: You forgot the year. You would have been born in the year of Y98. The current year is Y115.

Weight: Can you convert stones to kg?

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