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1The First Manji Empty The First Manji on Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:05 am

The First Manji Siggy___manji_by_professorkabuto-d991raq

Name: Manji
Birth Date: Unknown
Age: Ageless
Special Characteristic: Always seen in his cyber suit

Personality:  Reserved, pensive and cautious, Manji lacks self-confidence and hides behind a veil of icy detachment, an attitude that could easily be mistaken for contempt when in fact he is an extremely sensitive soul! It is only with time and patience that he will make progress in life and become more sociable. With a motto of "Slow and Steady Wins the Race" is is one to take his time for things. His insecurity coupled with feelings of inferiority means that he is inclined to worry and doubt and he is certainly rather wary of the unknown and the unexpected. While he is something of a loner, Manji nonetheless very much enjoys the company of others, which he finds energizing, and is therefore attracted to associations and collaborations.  He is profoundly interested in psychology, ethnology and ecology as well as countless other areas of knowledge. With him everything is possible, from apparent loss of enjoyment in life to great enthusiasm and he is a true emotional bulimic, where both his personal and professional lives are concerned. A loving relationship is important to him and his well-being, and he could make an excellent father who is capable of great understanding, once he has reached emotional maturity, that is. Unless he decides, like Peter Pan, that he doesn't want to grow up, in which case he will remain an eternal child who will seek a woman who is also prepared to mother him. Manji is an honorable Ninja, holding a deep hatred against Oda Nobunaga and those who slaughtered his original clan. He harbors a comical personality when he is talking or fighting against his opponents. He seeks to protect the few that carry the name of his clan and those that are his brothers in arms.

- Internet, There's so many wonderful things!
- Helping the Innocent, sometimes he even does great things for the innocent out of habit, not so much for ethical or moral reasons.

- Villains, He finds crime disgusting and hates all that partake in it.
- Sore Losers, because these people have a one-sided view on life and cannot accept defeat.
- Bullies, He hates anyone that harms people just for the sake of doing it.

- Failing his Family, he hopes to bring his clan great honor

- Passing on His Legacy. In his clan, it is customary for someone to inherit the powers and tools of their predecessor
- World Peace, as it is farfetched, he hopes he can reach it one day.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 139lbs
General Appearance: Manji's outfit consists of a skeleton mask matching his upper area, shoulder, and shin armor. His pants are green along with his gauntlets. He also wears a red top under his armor and a pair of straw sandals. It is his notable outfit. His right arm is mechanized, and can be shown and known by various bolts in his arm. This arm however is made by a mix of metal and wood, for lightweight efficiency as well as durability. It however, is not powered by electricity. He appears as a samurai, and often carries himself as such. This leads to many speculation of his true origins, which happen to lay within more of Chinese Ancestry than those of Japanese decent.

The Manji clan was shrouded in mystery once their leader disappeared many years ago. The Clan was all but exterminated after a mass execution and raid on their home village. Their leader had vanished without a trace. He was not their to defend his village. While it would seem that they would hold bitter resentment to him abandoning them, they all understood the conditions of his sudden disappearance. They blamed the murder of their own siblings, parents and children on the great cursed weapons. They would carry them to the end of days. Those left alive were the chosen successors.

It is said that each house, both of the main houses and the lesser branch houses were call cursed to be masters of their clan's weapons. The main houses held a tradition of passing down their weapons to their descendants, a single weapon to each of those homes. These new holders had to prove themselves worthy to carry the weapon, and this test varied from house to house. The Branch Houses held a similar custom, however their tools were not as durable. Instead they made ceremonies of craftsmanship and blacksmithing to conjure the finest weapons to protect the entire clan.

While the weapons ranged from katanas to nagintas to armor and other heirlooms, the constant theme of these members were their affinity to connect to the Spirit World. While most of the warriors of the clan have used these spirits as guides and support, some have learned to even solidify these spirits to create the strongest of creatures.

Yoshimitsu was taken from his home from an unknown source of power. However this being did not just take him from his host world, but ended up splitting his soul in the process. From this, it is believed that there are more than just one "Yoshimitsu." And that they are scattered throughout the universe, all of them with the dream of returning home

RP Sample:
Sitting at her kitchen table, she opened the lid of her laptop.

"I'm sure everyone is just busy." She thought to herself. While her circle of friends were small, they were still friends. From the tech club to the science club, there was still a few she would socialize with. Looking back at her computer, she was still unsure of what class to choose for her character.

"Takeover, Slayer, Maker, ReQuip..." she browsed the magic types in her game, thinking about what to select. "I could design a Holder or Caster... Though that is a bit limited since I don't know how to play yet..." She hovered over the names, reading each one in great detail.

Opening up a wiki for the game, Lau would browse the magic types and the various skills one would get at higher levels. Out of them all, she found TakeOver and ReQuip to be the most powerful. Both of them were focused on creating power on themselves.

"Animals... or items..." she said to herself. She began to look at other builds for other users to get a better idea. "What theme..."

She opened the drop menu for both of them, trying to come to a conclusion. "Oh?"

The list was long, and consisted of even an "Other" box. But what would she create? What could she possibly want to create?

Both of them seemed to be similar enough to be good for various things. She could use TakeOver to make some sort of "Death" themed character, who would manipulate bones and their body to represent Death himself or just some weird mythical creatures.

On the other hand, she could use ReQuip to create a variety of weapons. She could make up some spiritual aura armor that would protect her, and some crazy war weapons to go with it. It seemed fun and simple enough.

She looked at both of the choices, still reviewing the curve of power of both classes. She would be at a grave disadvantage compared to other players at the start of the game, but in the long run she would be much more powerful. What what was the best choice?

She would settle for nothing but the best. She had to ensure she would have great fun. After all, it was about the grind. She would sit back and farm Experience Points until she could pay for upgrades with whatever this currency was. She would drag her mouse down, moving the cursor to the last option, selecting a "Samurai" based magic with the "Spirit" Element. It was all good in the neighborhood.

She would peer over from the side of her lap top, looking at her door, hoping one of her friends would arrive shortly. After a few seconds of nothingness she shrugged it off and went back to her game. Now she would have to train her magic in Midi or something to get up some Samurai Stats. Afterwards, she could worry about Spirit Armor.

Face Claim: Cyborg Ninja - Metal Gear Solid

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Can you elaborate a little more on the likes, dislikes, fears, and motivations?

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Not exactly sure what else to add.. it's pretty straight forward..

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The First Manji Approv12

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