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1Kenjiro [Done] Empty Kenjiro [Done] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:04 am

Kenjiro [Done] Sora%20Render%20Small

Name: Kenjiro
Birth Date: April 7th
Age: 15
Special Characteristic: Cross shaped birthmark on his chest


  • High Spirited - No one beats Kenjiro when it comes to being energetic, well perhaps some can. He can run around a whole day, play around with some friends, clean the lawn, catch some insects, swim at the river, and still has the energy to start a lively conversation at night. Wherever he stores that much energy, no one knows, but he sure is a fun teen to be with.

  • Impulsive - Kenjiro has a foolish tendency to do whatever comes first to his mind without thinking twice. He would always act based on how he feels at the moment, making him often regret the consequences of his actions. In relation to this, he tends to be an open person, showing whatever he feels at the moment to everyone. He just laugh out loud when he is happy, burst in tears when he feels like crying, sulk at a corner when he gets depressed, clench his fist and shouts when he is angry. He may be funny, yet irritating at times depending on his mood but whatever it is, one would definitely recognize it easily when it comes.

  • Affectionate - Though irritating at times, Sivraj openly shows his affection to everyone. It is just easy for him to give a tap to someone's shoulder when that friend needs comfort, give gifts of appreciation when he is thankful at someone, and give out a friendly hug or a high five to greet his friends and kin. It is these times when people appreciate him the most.

    1. Swords: Kenjiro has been so much fascinated with swords ever since he was young. Being raised by a blacksmith, he has seen the wonderful works of his father and dreamt of weilding a sword of his own once he grows up.
    2. Making Friends: Kenjiro's father raised him to be a very friendly fellow. For his father, people are the best treasure he can gain throughout his life and better than currency, Kenjiro gained a belief that it would be around people where would really experience the fullness of life.


    1. Treachery: Kenjiro's father thought him to be noble-like in character though not in action. He was raised to always treat people fairly and wouldn't understand the idea of deception. He is disgusted with people who does not play fair with others and uses trickery in battle or in any form.
    2. Atrocity: He hates it when some people do cruel acts against other people. He can't help but always act whenever he sees someone, especially those who are helpless being mistreated.


    1. Spiders: The boy that fears no danger and turns down no battle, backs out at the sight of these eight legged creatures. These creepy spiders can make this fearsome dude shiver in fear. He doesn't know why but they simply can take his heart out of his chest.
    2. Bitter Medicines: He hates medicines, and often, he would just let a sickness pass away or would try other remedies instead of taking medicines.


    1. Thirst for Adventure: His boldness to explore and the very passion he has for adventures has taken him to a lot of places, peaceful and dangerous alike. No matter what he has to go through, if it's to discover something new, he would never turn his back on it. To leave no stones unturned, that's what fuel him to go out and discover what ever it is that waits for him.
    2. Youthful Hunger for Fun: Being in his teen years, everything is but a game for him. Explorations, quests and even battles. He doesn't like serious stuff but for him, everything is simply a game to make fun of.

    Height: 163cms
    Weight: 50kgs
    General Appearance:

    Kenjiro is a slender built teen with undeveloped muscular tone and a height that is considered a midget at his age. He has a thick, spiked up caramel brown hair color, with some parts of it, freely falling down to his cheek. His skin is medium dark tanned, almost peach in color in spite of having worked near a furnace during his young days. His face gives out a lively aura, with his saphire blue eyes and a bow shaped lips that is most of the times, in a full blown smile. He is fond of wearing overly accesorized clothes with the influence of his blacksmith father.


    Kenjiro was raised in the merchant's town of Al De Baran with his father being one of the blacksmiths there. His mother died during his birth, or that's what his father told him. Although earning much money, being a blacksmith isn't really much of a noble job at their town, so they are considered as merely one of the commoners, even lower than merchants. Nevertheless, Kenjiro's father raised him as a happy child, interacting with people and even free to play around with anyone he choses to although his father warns him to stay away from nobles as much as possible. His father is liked by many children around town anyway for being bubbly, giving Kenjiro lots of friends to play just in their town making him less eager of exploring outside. He has good memories with his father, making him so close to him and even dreamt of following his steps of being a blacksmith until the time when he became fascinated with swords and watched as some people whom he know gets promoted as swordsmen at a recruitment ground near their place. Kenjiro had a fun childhood to summarize it, until it was time for his father to spill some revelations for him.

    It is very noticeable that Kenjiro and his father is nothing alike in appearance and the reason behind that, is that they aren't really blood related. His father later on revealed that someone simply left him in a basket, in front of his father's front door. His father never saw who left him there but being fond of children, he raised Kenjiro as his own child and even gave him his name, though there was a locket put on Kenjiro's tummy with his name on it. Kenjiro's father hid the locket for so long and showed it later on to him, revealing the name of Alistair. Kenjiro loved his father, and had nothing against him during that time but with his adventurous attitude, he can't seem to fight the urge to explore outside of their town and discover who he really is, his family and where he really came from. So he decided to set on an adventure, bringing everything he has that can unlock the mystery of his real being.

    RP Sample:

    "So it's about time that you leave eh." A familiar voice echoed from the darkness as Kenjiro carefully tiptoes towards the door, bringing all his personal stuff with him, packed in an old ragged cloth bag. He was surprised as the figure of his father emerged from the darkness, with the hint of a tear in his eyes.

    "I'm sorry father but I...." Suddenly, he felt the warm hands of his father embracing him as tears finally burst off from his eyes. "Shhhhh... I understand. I knew this time would come when you would get old enough to live on your own and discover the world beyond Izlude and ... to discover who your really are."

    His father gently pushed him forward, making him look at him in his eyes. "Just remember this, I will always be your father and you always have a place here to return to. And on your adventures, don't forget what I've always told you. Make friends, be courageous enough to meet people, to love and be hurt. In troubled times, don't lose hope, just stay strong, and above everything else, stay as a good boy as you are."

    Kenjiro embraced his father yet again, but this time, as tight as he could, even tighter than he has ever hugged him. And finally, he let go. His father opened the door for him and bid him goodbye, forcing as smile for Kenjiro to stay strong even as they part ways. Kenjiro waved his last goodbye at his father and bowed his head as he drag his feet away from their home. "Keep you head up lad! You are brave and strong!" Kenjiro's father shouted as he walk away. With his father's last words, he raised his head up and started running towards the town's gate and outside Al De Baran where his fate awaits him.

    Face Claim: Sora - Final Fantasy (Kingdom Hearts)

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