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[Starmine] Death Threat

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1 [Starmine] Death Threat on Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:13 pm

Name: Death Threat
Rank: D
Location: Starmine
Objective: Protect Mr. Blanche from an assassin
Story: Mr. Blanche is known to be a greedy rich man, living at the north business district of Starmine who is cruel to his staff. This might be the reason why recently, he has constantly been receiving death threats from unknown people. Paying a private detective, he found out that an actual plan of murdering him would happen today during the night. Having no more time left, Mr. Blanche asks the help of any willing adventurer to protect him from the assassin.


Name: Mr. Blanche
Description: A greedy and atrocious rich man. Giver of the quest

Name: Mask
Descrption: A mysterious low ranked assassin, hired to assassinate Mr. Blanche. He moves at an average rate of 25 meters per second, and assails with a dagger that can cause deep cuts (C-Ranked damage) to his prey.

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