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1Larissa Eld Empty Larissa Eld on Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:12 am

Larissa Eld Yiq8Q

Name: Larissa Eld
Age: 17
Date of Birth: August 12th, Y98
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics:
Hyper Intuition - An underdeveloped ability that simply consists of a heightened awareness and intuitive power. It doesn't allow her to read minds, but it helps her see through lies and illusions better than most people would, and reach closer to the truth of things.

Flame of the Sky (Fiamma di Cieli)
Color: Orange
Characteristic: Armonia (調和, chouwa lit. Harmony)
Japanese Translation: Ōzora (大空)
Ability: Harmony

Description:  Among all the seven attributes, Sky Flames possesses the greatest propulsion power, specially those of high-purity. Described as having many mysteries, its special trait, Harmony, represents a state without contradiction nor flaws in which the balance of the whole is maintained. Bearers of the Sky-attribute are said to be exceptionally rare and most of the known ones share the common trait of possessing great insight. They cannot be used for combat without appropriate skills.
Appearance: "Soft" Flames has a core that is pale orange in color, but they gradually become of a deeper shade in the area closer its edges. Meanwhile, the core of "hard" Flames are of a very dark, almost reddish shade of orange and the parts closer to its edges are colored by varying tones of orange.

Personality: Larissa is an honest, cheerful and perverted young girl with a love for fighting and young female bodies. She often wavers between a determined, self assured outlook with a shy, insecure inside she must always overcome in order to fully set her mind to something. Due to this, despite appearing confident, she always has to struggle with that insecurity in order to achieve her full potential. Larissa is willing to accept all kinds of people so long as they have some form of mutual respect, and has the resolve to one day become a leader, but she has no interest in doing so, instead preferring to fool around with her friends, particularly her best friend Allie.

Once she does manage to muster her determination, Larissa proves to be an incredibly strong willed young woman who nothing or anything could ever break. Since losing her parents, Allie has been the closest to family she ever had, and this made her develop and unwavering resolve to protect her so they can keep travelling together. It eventually grew to emcopass each and every one of her friends, and it drives her to grow stronger every day.


  1. Young Girls: Larissa is bissexual, but her attraction to girls is strictly physical, as seen by her desire to grope and fondle them whenever possible. Due to her desire to make friends, she often has to rein in this urge...
  2. Fast food: Any food that tastes good and doesn't make her wait long is the best for her
  3. Allie: They have been best friends since childhood, and Allie is the closest thing Larissa has ever had to a sister. This doesn't make her immune to Larissa's harassment, however...
  4. Thrilling fights: An acquired taste once she started training and finally mastered Tae Kwon Do


  1. Bullies: She cannot stand those who need to pick on those weaker just to feel good about themselves. She sees most evildoers as bullies.
  2. Working: Despite knowing she has to work for a living, Larissa is very lazy and sees work as a dreaded necessity. She will constantly groan and complain about being bored, but will accept it during emergency situations.
  3. Loneliness: This is not only a dislike but her greatest fear, and the reason why she so regularly refuses to be separated from her friends. If this happens, she will spend half her time trying to find them, and the other half trying to make new ones.


  1. Losing her friends: Ever since she's lost her parents and every blood relative, she has looked to her closest friends as her true family and cannot stand the thought of losing them.
  2. Being Alone: The first time she found herself truly alone she was overwhelmed with how despairing it felt. Even if there are no friends around, she can still make do if she is around people. Being completely alone sends shivers down her spine and she can only tolerate it so long as she knows she'll soon have company.


  1. Spending time with and protect her closest friends - No longer having blood relatives, her greatest joy comes from travelling and having fun with her friends, particularly Allie. She wishes happy days with her would last forever and would stop at nothing to ensure that.

  2. Growing stronger - As she grew older, she also developed a drive to becoming ever stronger and surpassing her limits, so she can find ever more thrilling fights as well as protecting her loved ones.

Height: 1,71m
Weight: 56kg
General Appearance: Larissa is a tall and curvaceous young girl for her own age, and is frequently seen with a cheerful, impish smile or grin on her face. She has a toned body and particularly shapely legs due to employing a fighting style based on kicking. She has green eyes and waist long blonde hair adorned by a blue ribbon given to her by her parents. She normally wears loose, revealing clothing and is never too keen on outfits that restrict her movement in any way: She usually prefers short skirts, short or wide open tops, and steel plated armor on her shins. Her favorite color is blue, and aside from her ribbon she will typically have at least one other blue item of clothing.

History: Born in a small village, Larissa was an only child, so she grew spoiled, clumsy, and a bit of a crybaby. Despite being a meek child, she was cheerful, and had a way to put a smile on other people's faces. Due to her overall weakness she had a hard time keeping up with other kids and making friends, but lived mostly happy and found comfort in her closest friend, Allie... Still, that happy life wouldn't last long... One day, Allie simply vanished, and if that weren't enough; roughly a year after that the village came under attack by bandits. In a last ditch effort to save their child, Larissa's parents send the away while they sacrificed themselves to save let their daughter escape.

Once she was finally found, crying alone in the woods, Larissa was brought to the closest orphanage nearby, where some of her endless sorrow was eased away by meeting Allie again. So this is where she was... Having gone through similar tragedies brought the two girls together. Knowing that she still had someone brought upon a change in Larissa: She knew she had to be strong, much, much stronger. If that she wasn't, she'd end up losing Allie just like she had lost her parents and almost everybody else she knew... Years later, all of them had changed greatly. Where Larissa had been weak she finally grew strong, enough to shatter boulders with a single kick. With this newfound strength also came a confidence she never had, as well as a drive to seek strong opponents and grow more powerful.

Larissa and Allie's adventure finally began with a few other friends from the orphanage, and others they met along the way. They fought and adventure with the desire to protect each other and continue having friends for years to come, and despite lazily rejecting a leader's role, Larissa was often seen as de facto leader of the group in times of crisis. Little by little they each came to understand their own passion and drive, and each of them naturally has different approaches to life they can bring to the group as a whole.

RP Sample:
"Hey, hey...", she teased, nodding her head negatively, "Don't strain yourself too much now... You were actually pretty before you started frowning like that."

The Dark Mage channeled his magic for one last ditch attempt... He was outmatched; a hot headed, low level fire mage could never get through her crystal, even assuming he could beat her speed.

"This time... With this spell i'll defenitely kill you!", he barked, putting what was left of his magic into this last spell, "Eat this! Blazing orb!"

The man shot a huge fireball, which - like all his previous spells - was too slow. He must have though a bigger spell would be harder to dodge... Alisa yawned. The bounty note said "dead or alive", which was all the better for Alisa, who didn't want to bother herself with dragging this loudmouth around... She was biding her time until he ran out of magic power, which should be just about now. Dodging the fireball sideways, Alisa dashed in and impaled her opponent through the gut with crystal claws, placing another hand on his neck.

"I did tell you to stop frowning... That face is kind of an eyesore.", she taunted before uttering an incantation with a faint smile on her face, "Crystal Monolith..."

Face Claim: Katsuragi - Senran Kagura[/b]

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2Larissa Eld Empty Re: Larissa Eld on Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:24 am

Ready for Grading

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3Larissa Eld Empty Re: Larissa Eld on Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:24 pm

Birthday: You forgot the year. The year would be Y98. The current year is Y115.

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Fixed :D

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Larissa Eld Approv12

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