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Lumiere (done)

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1 Lumiere (done) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:03 am

Name: Lumiere
Birth Date: April 5th Y095
Special Characteristic: looks much younger then she actually is, body ages much slower.
lightning guardian:

Flame of Lightning (Fiamma Fulmine)
Color: Green
Characteristic: Indurimento (硬化, kouka lit. Hardening)
Japanese Translation: Kaminari (雷)
Ability: Solidification and Electrocution

Description: Lightning Flames are in many ways more similar to electricity than actual flames. The Solidification special trait of these Flames can be employed harden and increase the firmness of objects. By themselves, the Flames can used defensively by projecting a solid barrier and offensively by cutting as if sharp blades or electrocuting as if real electricity. They cannot be used for combat without appropriate skills.
Appearance: Lightning Flames have a center that is off-white green, and extremely sharp "spikes" of a dark neon green in color. Its tendency to form round shapes with the sharper parts flailing around is a heads down to how electricity is often depicted in animated works.

Personality: Lumiere is a very mature and elegant young lady that has a very mature way of thinking and acting around other people and likes to have people see her as a very mature 20 year old person, instead of being seen as a 10 year old girl. she has a very polite and mature way of talking and has a very very mature aura to her. she is not easily angered and is always calm and collective unless someone mistakes her age, in which she can get very violent and mad. she has a very strong sense of justice and can get very focused on analyzing clues and crime scenes if a murder, theft or any thing happened that involved the police or any investigation team. her everyday, normal feel is a mature young lady that is calm and collective around everyone and can't get angry, no matter what people do to her that would annoy anyone that they have encountered before her.


  1. <Reading>: nothing makes Lumiere more calm and happy then a nice, long and detailed book to read, as long as it can interest her for a real long time.
  2. <machinery >: Having read so many books, Lumiere has taken a interest in different types of robots and machines, mainly ships with Artificial intelligence and loves to see how they work.


  1. <immature older people>: seeing people older then her acting like children make her think that the people she see act that way have no sense of maturity or know how to act.
  2. <being called a child>: despite being only 10 years old, she is very mature and hates to be called a child just because her body looks younger then she actually is.


  1. <Being limited because of her body>: being that her body is the age of a 10 year old, she fears that it will make it very hard for her to make a living and being limited to small amounts of places to go and work.
  2. <Being kidnapped>: she is very afraid that because of her body being younger then her age, she will be vulnerable to being snatched away by people and not allowed to leave.


  1. <finding her place in the world>: she was found in a abandon complex building with no memory of her parents or her own past, just her name, nothing more. she wants to know who she is and what her place is in the world.
  2. <discovering new things>: she is very curious of the world she woke up in and wants to learn new and interesting things about it, to help her regain her lost memories.

Height: 120 Center meters
Weight: 47 kilo grams
General Appearance: She is aged 20 but has the body of a 10 year old girl. she has blue hair, dresses in a very nice, elegant blue, small dress type outfit that covers most of her torso and barely any of her lower body. being that her body is the size of a ten year old's body, she has a small body and can only wear her own clothes, only differing with clothes that would fit a 10 year old girl. she has long blue hair and very calming blue eyes that, with her outfit, makes her look very mature and elegant.

History: Lumiere was born on the 5th of April in the year Y095 and was saw out as a very odd baby when she was first saw after being born. her childhood, she was seen out as a very odd and mysterious young lady that was left out of multiple events, lessons, festivals and even social events, so she grew lonely and had low confidence in her abilities.

through her teenage ages, she had the body of a 5 year old and got treated as a little child, making her lash out on everyone that treated her like that, and would get into trouble when going out and trying to get people to see her as her age, not her bodies age. when she got in trouble, she would be trialed as a child, making her get really mad. she would be in jail only once in her life but would be very ashamed for being thrown in jail and making herself be seen as a criminal, meaning that she wouldn't be allowed to do investigations with the police or do her usual collecting of information for her to learn more about the world.

during the teenage time, she had come across a younger girl called Larissa and made her a friend for life when she was found by her a few years later, after losing her memory at age 19 and has stayed with her ever since. Occasionally, Lumiere would teach Larissa a few things that she had read through out her books, while Larissa would act like her teacher and guardian until all her memories returned to her. having lost her memories, Lumiere would think herself to be 10 years old at first, until she saw Larissa and regained a few of her lost memories, knowing she would be 20 years of age and not 10.

RP Sample:Once Marise put Eve on her back for a piggy back ride, Eve would feel really calm and happy. She remembered that Marise piggy back ride Eve to the cafe when they were in clover, back when Eve hurt her ankle. "Marise, sis, thanks for doing this, your really sweet and so strong. i bet you could take down a Dino if they were still here. heck, you could beat 30 of them with one kick. i don't mind going to the nurses office, at least then she can check if my rip is broken or just see if it was fractured. it doesn't feel broken, just... it hurts a lot. if it is broken, i would need a cast over my chest. if it is fractured, then i would need to relax for a few days. then i won't be able to see anyone till i was healed. that would be torture for me. but i would endure it to see you and Assama, Max and Lyra too. let's go to the nurses office then to my dorm room. i need sleep." Eve said in a gleeful tone as she held on to Marise, nuzzling her neck and hugging her with all the love in her heart.

Face Claim: Lumiere from kiddy grade.

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2 Re: Lumiere (done) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:34 am

done, ready. bump... i think

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3 Re: Lumiere (done) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:13 pm

Did you talk over with Larissa about your history? If not, it's god modding.

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4 Re: Lumiere (done) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 4:51 pm

K, Larissa confirmed

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