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Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa]

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1 Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 12:28 pm

Yusei began walking through town looking for Larissa. He had met her a couple of months ago when he learned of his flames ability. He was hoping to find her again. He kind of just up and left after he heard, he felt like he really needed to relax. It was the opposite of being angry and destructive. But maybe one day he could learn to control it.

The sun beamed down on the town a familiar face was seen in the corner of his eye. "Larissa chan!" Yusei said running over to her. Wow that was lucky, what were the odds?

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2 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:07 pm

Larissa was feeling pretty hungry... She just had an intense training session, and after having gone home to shower and change clothes, she headed out to find herself something to eat. She didn't like getting to the point of hearing her stomach grown but here she was, and thus she headed outside, mouth watering at the sight and smell of the various restaurants... But during her search, she heard a familiar voice:

"Yusei!!", she greeted him smiling warmly, turning around and giving him a hug. They hadn't known each other for long but she thought of all guardians guardians as her best friends and even siblings at times. But then her stomach growled again and she once more looked at a nearby restaurant, an pasta place, "Wanna join me for lunch?"

She clearly had to struggle to look back at him at during that last part, the smell coming from the restaurant being too much to resist...[/color][/b]

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3 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 1:49 pm

Yay it was Larissa. Yusei was glad. He then felt het arms wrap around him, while her beasts almost broke his ribs. She had a tight grip and a very big heart, so he couldn't blame her for being enthusiastic, he was too.

Hearing a weird groaning mumbling type sound,Larissa offered Yusei to join her for lunch. "Great idea. It'll give us a chance to catch up, Imōto" he said while walking beside her to the restaurant.  

The restaurant seemed fancy and had the delectable aroma of food coming from it. Yusei loved food, and knew Larissa did too. He would walk with her to some spare seats outside the restaurant. Taking a seat he asked "So how have you been since I last say you?". Yusei would then look at the menu after hearing her reply and look for some nice food to eat.

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4 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:57 pm

She let out a giggle at hearing his reply, she was usually the first one to address her best friends as siblings, but the two of them had only been born a month apart, and thus he earned a playful comment on her part:

"Yusei, you're only a month older, remember?", she'd say as they walked inside and picked a table for two. Hungry as she was, Larissa could only look at the waiters walking about, carrying deliciously smelling food that made her mouth water further.

QUickly skimming the menu, she found one of the day's suggestions to be meat lasagna, and quickly called a waiter, ordering that dish and a large bottle of water. She had to drink a lot after all that training

"Stronger! I gotta show you one of these days.", she answered with a confident grin, and then wondering how was his flame training going. Larissa imagined he would be the first to learn how to use his flame in combat, given its offensive power, "What about you?"

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5 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 11:05 am

Larissa reminded Yusei that he was only a month older then her, so he couldn't really call her imouto. Yusei poured. Even though he honestly forgot he was older, Larissa acted more mature and he ways admired her. Still he still had to admit calling her imouto would be weird, but he didn't really care. Chuckling he then said "Oh come on, You always act older anyway, Imouto." then adding a wink to the end of his sentence.

Seeing her scan menu, Yusei did the same. Ohh steak, yes please. Yusei loved steak, especially rare. So when Larissa ordered, Yusei did the same. He ordered a medium rare steak and a large bottle of water too.

After they ordered Larissa answered his Question. She said she got strong and that she should show him sometime. Yusei smiled. He ways loved to spar with Larissa. No other guardian really wanted to spar, Aya always had her head in a book and Lumiere was too 'elegant' to even lift a finger, do it was always Larissa. She then asked the same question to him. "Oh, just the sane as you really. Just more so trying to get a good feel for my flame." he answered. "Which reminds me did you find out what your flame does?" he then asked her. He knew she had never really figured it out, but maybe in the time he was gone she had? A battle with flames would Definatley be diffrent and mix things up.

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6 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:01 pm

"Alright, alright, suit yourself, Yusei-chan!", she chuckled and laughed it off with a playful smirk, she didn't really care much what people called her anyways

He ordered the steak once the waiter came by, and they had some time to kill... Larissa tapped her foot impatiently, she hated waiting, especially waiting for her food and even more so when she was hungry, such as right now. It was a good thing she could chat with him to pass the time.

"Last i checked you were doing pretty good with your Storm Flame, learning its attribute and all that... I found mine's attribute is Harmony, but as for what it does, I have no idea.", she shrugged and shook her head ignorantly, clearly not too happy with this development. She rested her elbows on the table and her chin on her hands and looked at him to hear what else he'd found, "Did you manage to use it in combat then?"

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7 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:43 pm

Yay, I can call her nee-chan, he thought. He knew most did, but still he was happy she allowed her. She was always the happy bubbly type, so Yusei kinda knew she would anyway.

Yusei noticed how impatient Larissa was. She really wanted her food, and as time went on so did Yusei. It had been forever since he had a good steak with a friend. Well he did kind of, but with a human friend was diffeent.

Larissa then told Yusei that it was good that he found out his flames attribute and what it did. Yusei could disagree on that however. He wasn't super happy about being able to destroy things, but at the same time he knew it could be helpful. Larissa then said her attribute was Harmony, but for what it did, she had no idea. "Oh, that must be annoying. I'd say try practising with it, but knowing you, you probably used it loads." he said.

She then asked did he use it in combat. "Ehh, kind of. I feel like I can, but I don't really want to. I know I can control it, but I'd prefer to stay safe the sorry." he said rubbing the back if his head. "Although some weird things have happened ed with it...." he mumbled. "Anyway, I think I might have an idea to try and find out a way to figure out what your flame does. We could try a unison raid! I mean you really only felt your own flame, so it feels natural and you can't tell the difference. But if we combined our power with a unison raid then you would feel my power and ve able to distinguish what your flame could do. Sounds good right nee-chan!" He finished with a wink. He was fairly confident his idea would kind of work. After all it was seeing all their flames that made Yusei know what his did. He wondered how Larissa would reply to his idea.

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8 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Sat Sep 19, 2015 1:19 pm

He suggested practicing with it, but then if Larissa could get there simply by practice she would have arrived at that point already. But then he offered what felt like a pretty good idea: A unison raid type attack, by combining the attributes of their flames they might be able to understand what the Sky flame's attribute did. Larissa seemed visibly intrigued by this idea:

"Oooh, that might actually work!", she commented excitedly; she didn't even know if it would work but if it did they could then try the same experiment with each other to see what would happen, but then she wondered what happened with Yusei's flame training, "What happened with your flame?"

That last part had her really curious, and perhaps a little worried too; she knew that of all the flame attributes, his was potentially the most dangerous, so it had to be handled with care...

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9 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 4:08 am

Larissa said that Yusei's idea might actually work. What! Really! Wow this must be how Aya feels, knowing lots. Yusei was happy to have a good idea and even better yo know it was helping a good friend.

Larissa then asked what happened ed yo his flame. So she heard his mumble. Well it was hard to hide stuff from Larissa.  "Well, it's kinda hard to explain.." he said cupping his hands underneath the table and looking down at the ground. "I was just kinda walking around town, when everything went a red kinda colour, like my flame. I didn't notice at first, but then I looked around me. Everything was frozen. Like, frozen in time as if time wasn't working for everything, but me. I kinda got panicked, but that's when it stopped and everything went back to normal, as if what I had seen didn't happen at all. It was kinda weird, it only dawned on me afterward that maybe it was me that done it.". Yusei wasn't sure how Larissa would react. It was a weird experience for him, but even weider to tell.

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10 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Sun Sep 20, 2015 1:36 pm

Larissa looked at him scratching her forehead with one finger, visibly confused. For everything she'd read, studied and trained, she knew nothing of flames being able to do something like this. If anything, the Rain flame's tranquility might feel like it could slow everything down to a halt:

"That's defenitely wierd... Well, if you manage to make it work in battle, it should certainly be a huge asset!", her confusion was quickly replaced with enthusiasm soon enough. Fortunately for the hungry blonde, her large Lasagna soon arrived and with it, Yusei's steak too, "What are waiting for?! Let's dig in!"

With that she immediately cut a piece of her food and put it in her mouth, instantly yelping and growing red from the heat, opening her mouth and fanning with one hand to cool it down... Hopefully she wouldn't burn her taste buds or she wouldn't be able to taste anything else...

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11 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:40 am

Although Larissa seemed confused also, she managed to cheer Yusei up. If he did manage to perfect that it could be a huge asset in battle.

Just then the waiterappeared with their food. It was surprisingly big and looked amazing. Larissasaid to dig in. She clearly didn't see or feel the heat rising form the dish until it was already in her mouth. As she yelped, causing a few passers by to stare in confusion. All Yusei could do was laugh. "I see your eyes are still bigger then your stomach!" Yusei said still laughing. Buy no more laughing it was time for him to eat his food.

He slowly cut into the steak and a small trickle of blood was seen instantly. Perfect. After cutting a piece off, Yusei blew the food before putting it into his mouth. Now it had been cooled it wasn't going to burn him. The steak was rich and succulent and easy to chew, the best steak he ever has. "Damn that's the best steak ever! You want to try a bit?" he asked Larissa, even though she was still fanning her mouth.

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12 Re: Cooking up trouble [Private/Larissa] on Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:49 pm

Her food finally cooled down enough for her to chew and swallow it; she often did this when incredibly hungry such as right now. She frowned for a moment before shrugging it off as she always did:

"You'd be hungry too after the training session I just had!", she smirked and answered, cutting off some pieces of lasagna in advance to let them cool down before eating. She really didn't like waiting... But then Yusei offered some of his delicious looking, bloody raw steak, "Don't mind me if I do!"

She reached her fork and knife to his plate and cut some of his steak; unlike her lasagna, it wasn't scorching hot and she was able to enjoy the pleasant flavor of esquisite meat with nicely added seasoning. A very good choice on her Storm Guardian's part.

"Wow, this is really good!!", she praised, astonished and not really bothered by the comparatively low heat from his meal. She drunk some of her water and pointed down at her own dish, "You're welcome to some of mine too!"

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