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[Starmine] Battle of the Mystics Pt. 4

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1 [Starmine] Battle of the Mystics Pt. 4 on Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:59 am

Name: Battle of the Mystics Pt. 4 (Must have taken Part 3 of this quest before proceeding to this one)
Rank: D
Location: Starmine
Objective: Test Luke's VR Fighting Game
Story: Luke gives you your reward, but then he told you that three more characters are almost up for testing. He then asks you to wait for a few minutes. After a short period of waiting, Luke got a call which he answered quickly in a short span of conversation. After the call, he asks you to go back to the virtual world of the game and face three other characters of the game.

You battle Daria first, a Harpy based character, then Rah next, an anubis based character then last is Ruby, a phoenix based character. Finish the game by beating the three characters then Luke would give you his reward.



Name: Luke
Description: A very young game developer which is an avid gamer himself


Name: Daria
Descrption: A harpy based warrior that deals deep wounds (D Ranked Piercing Damage) with his sharp feathers that she sends flying towards you. She can fly to evade your attacks but can't stay up in the air for more than a minute.


Name: Rah
Descrption: An Anubis inspired character, who is able to shoot a dark wave of energy from a distance of 40 meters away, traveling up to 20 meters per second and deal major bruises (D Ranked Damage). In close range, he is very adept in using his staff to cause some serious bruises (C Ranked Blunt Damage) to his opponent.


Name: Ruby
Descrption: A phoenix inspired character that is able to burn her enemies with a fire torrent, dealing a 3 degree burn (C Ranked Fire Damage) to an opponent 40 meters away from her at a rate of 20 meters per second. Those who come in close within 5 meters away from her is slightly burned (E Ranked Damage) of her burning aura.

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2 Re: [Starmine] Battle of the Mystics Pt. 4 on Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:49 pm

Taking this!

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3 Re: [Starmine] Battle of the Mystics Pt. 4 on Sat Sep 26, 2015 6:37 am


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