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Cleaning Up [Quest/Solo]

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1 Cleaning Up [Quest/Solo] on Thu Sep 17, 2015 4:20 am

Aya opened her eyes lazily as she heard the buzzing of her alarm clock. Aya hated mornings, but she had work to do. She needed to earn money to keep paying for her house, which, by the way, only had one floor. It was a small, cute, little house in Moon City. It was quiet there. Nothing much ever happened in Moon City, well, there was the occasional shop lifting incidents, but other then that, crime was pretty low here. Aya couldn't once think of a time when she's heard of a murder or a raid of sorts going on here.

Aya reached forwards and took her set of clothes that she laid on her bed the night before. Aya took off her white night gown. She put on her black cami, white tank, and black jacket. She turned to the right and moved her legs over the edge of the bed with her hands. She pulled on her black skirt and put on her shoes and socks. She then just kind of slid into her wheelchair. It was the same routine she did every day. Aya grabbed her hair brush and started brushing out all her tangles. Once brushed, Aya would tie her hair into the usual pony tail. She freshened up a bit in the bathroom, went out of it, grabbed her keys, left the house, locked the door, and went towards the quest board.

Aya read a sheet of paper saying that somebody needed help cleaning up a store. That didn't seem too hard. It seemed like a pretty basic quest in Aya's opinion. So, Aya started to make her way on over to the store listed on the quest paper. Aya opened the door and looked for somebody who had some kind of uniform signaling that they were staff. She asked if she could see Azaria. So, Aya was lead to Azaria. She was a pretty girl with blue hair. Aya said that she wanted to help clean up around the store. Azaria briefly looked down and up at her, but then said that she would be glad for her to help. Aya smiled and asked what she could do first. Azaria thought about it for a moment, probably thinking of something that would be easy for Aya to do, since of course, she was limited to a certain number of things. Azaria finally said that first, she could dust some stuff off the shelves. Azaria said that she herself would get the higher ones. Okay, they were off to a pretty good start. Azaria handed Aya a feather duster and they went to work. Aya started dusting off the shelves. Wow, how long has it been since these thing were dusted? There was tons of dust on them. After she was finished dusting, Azaria gave her some windex and a cloth. Now, Aya woud be washing the windows. Aya sprayed some windex onto the windows and started to rub it down while Azaria swept the floors. Once they were done, Azaria thanked Aya for all the help she's been and rewarded her.

Word Count: 517/500

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